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Flagrant City x DJ Tiger presents Illicit Activities V [MIXTAPE]

Welcome back to the 5th installment in the Illicit Activities series with Flagrant City and DJ Tiger! This time around we give you guys some cozy, mellow, Woodstock-esque, groovy & sultry sounds to… Continue reading

Flagrant City x DJ Tiger X Slim K presents Illicit Activities 4: Prey IV Reign [MIXTAPE]

Time to commit to the madness and pick your poison. Weed Armageddon is here, AGAIN.  This is the 4th installment in our annual series for the stoners, but we never leave out the… Continue reading

DOWNLOAD: Flagrant City & DJ Tiger presents Illicit Activities 3: Sladderday Saints [Mixtape]

Pick your poison. Weed Armageddon is here. ALL SAINTS DAY!!!! Track-listing and download links below.

Happy 25th Birthday To Lowe!!!

Been fly from a young age, and I’ve got my awesome parents to thank for that. I am humbled and blessed to be able to see my 25th year. A lot of friends… Continue reading

1 Day til All Saints Day: Flagrant City x DJ Tiger presents Illicit Activities 3: Sladderday Saints [4.20.12]

 1 day til the best holiday in America, 420. And our 3rd annual installment in great stoner tunes for you to enjoy your festivities with. Myself and DJ Tiger team up again for… Continue reading

#FlagrantCityFriday: Birthday Seasonnnnnnnnnn (DJ Drama Voice)

Welp. I mosey’d around the internet tryna find something ill for FCF. But since today is April 1st, thus officially commencing the official countdown to my 24th birthday [April 15th] I felt it… Continue reading

B.E.T.T.E.R. Music Vs. Flagrant City [4.23.11]

The 1st installment of the Rumble in the LO series is set to kick off 4.23.11 This versus compilation between Lowe’s Flagrant City and B.E.T.T.E.R. Music Movement’s Mario Johnson showcases the best of… Continue reading

FC x SOS. Literally. [Photo]


#FlagrantCityFriday: Birthday Season Edition

Soooo last nite was interesting.  Niggas brought in B Kean‘s 24th birthday with a bang. Me & B wound up on Allen St at Hardware & the Pink for some wild fun with… Continue reading

Writer’s Block…

HNIC. Pondering. No pad. No pen… i feel like all three of these photos at once. my brain zoned out. millions of ideas buzzing about. tired. physically strained. twiddling my thumbs. waiting for… Continue reading