The New Kid.

Flagrant City.

Hmm. Funny, a couple of months ago I was just another fan of this site, checking daily for new updates and just getting my fix on what’s hot in my hometown, Buffalo, New York. Now here I am, part of the team. ^_^  See I just moved back here from Atlanta. Yup.. I came here to focus on ME and get myself out there to start my career in media. Well, as a writer more so. But hello audience.. I’m Jasmine. But you can call me Leftee. Yeahh I prefer that.

As the newest member of FC I plan to bring my views and opinions on board as well as just contributing in any way I can. Shoutouts to Lowe and the rest of the team for giving me this opportunity. I’m elated. Looking forward for 2011 and the things to come.

I just wanted to introduce myself before just jumping in all unannounced and ishhh. Feel?


– Luckee

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