Kloud Life. 1Hot & MJD [Review]

Okay so I must admit, 1Hot & Muzik Jones Drew put their foot in this production. My ears are literally having orgasms as I listen to each track. “Kloud Life”, their recently released mixtape is undoubtedly one of thee best mixtapes I’ve heard this year. And wait a minute before you decide to disagree. I urge you to give them a listen and decide for yourself. These southern boys, from Palm Beach, FL to be exact, have what it takes to be the best. With a tracklist full of crunk, smooth, and soulful music,  they are guaranteed to get your head boppin and your feet moving.

Although they jack a couple beats, 1Hot & Drew definitely don’t fail to show you that they’re skills are any less than signed artists with deals. Honestly, they may be better than a handful of them [no I’m not gonna state names].  The southern feel of the music inevitably makes you want to dance.

With songs ranging from love, making money, and the love for the art of music itself, 1Hot & MJDrew offer a lil something for everyone. So sit back, relaxx, and prepare to let their tunes take you away. Go head.. put it on your iPod. You won’t be disappointed. =]


GET Kloud Life HERE!!!

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