Fortunate Ones – Sleepless Nights & Numb Hearts LP

I love these gentlemen. And I respect their grind wholeheartedly. Finally available for the masses is the 19 track project featuring 19 original productions with 3 featured Indie Artists. They’ve also treated this internet release as if it were physical by accompanying it with their lyrics on top of portraits for Tumblr postings. Ladies & gentlemen I present to you Sleepless Nights & Numb Hearts, LP. Enjoy.


track listing & download links down bottom.

“Sleepless Nights represent the evenings we spent perfecting our craft, the nights of mischief, the nights with friends that are embedded in our minds, the nights with women we lust & the nights we created music. Numb Hearts represent the isolation from temptations on those sleepless nights, as well as the ability to own a numb heart for anyone with an opinion regarding our vision, the ability to show no emotion and not let emotions impair our judgment, as well as a fearless attitude towards taking risks accompanied by a nonchalant approach solely based on logic.” – Fortunate Ones

DOWNLOAD: Fortunate Ones – Sleepless Nights & Numb Hearts 

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