O.L.W (Ol’ Dub): B.O.O.M. Contest – Round 2 [Vote]

remember that Artvoice B.O.O.M. contest/event I put people on to back in October? The one where winner gets a cash prize of $5000 and more? yeah.  —> Artvoice Presents BOOM! [Event] well, these guys entered, the contest: O.L.W (Ol’ Dub) and are in their final round of voting to get to the next round!

 I remember Shaad put me on to these guys by way of their project Year of the Dub: A ProperAnonymous Mixtape a good while back and I was always interested on where they’d wind up.

Well they’re here: www.artvoice.com and they need your help. Voting closes this coming Tuesday. So if ya digging them, or wanna find out more about them: 1. search O.L.W on the site here for goodies 2. head over to artvoice.com to read up on why they entered the competition or  3. head over to the gentlemen’s own site and gain some background info at oldubhiphop.com

PREVIOUS: O.L.W. – Rap Rock and Roll [Video]

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