The Weeknd – Party [Unreleased]

one more unreleased goodie, which has no project placement on Spring’s House of Balloons, late Summer’s Thursday, or the Winter’s Echoes of Silence dropping on 12.21.11


(click below for more from The Weeknd)

also, check out the first official visual EVER from this guy, “The Knowing” off H.O.B. directed and edited by Mikael Colombu. The feel is surreal, kind of like Space Wars meets Halie Selassie love story… very interesting to say the least. Enjoy.

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2 thoughts on “The Weeknd – Party [Unreleased]”

    1. yeah he’s got alotta floating material. I’ve even got some track where his artist name is Abel Tesfaye and when he was part of this group “The Noise”. Pretty diff sound than what he’s doin now

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