1 Day til All Saints Day: Flagrant City x DJ Tiger presents Illicit Activities 3: Sladderday Saints [4.20.12]

 1 day til the best holiday in America, 420. And our 3rd annual installment in great stoner tunes for you to enjoy your festivities with.

Myself and DJ Tiger team up again for a much more personal approach to getting ‘faded’ or ‘sladded’ as me and my niggas say, with this mixtape. I snatched some actual recordings from parties and rages that me & my team have been sladded at, and used them as skits to give you a few laughs in between your pulls on the L.

This version might be the best one yet…

T.Shirt, John Lass, Nipsey Hussle, L.E.$, Freddie Gibbs, Jackie Chain, The Paxtons and a few more tight up-and-comers make the list, in addition to some old school Weedies with the likes of Snoop Dogg, Devin the Dude


Get caught up with the first go rounds:



Then come back for more….


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