VOTE DJ Heat / DJ DStar for ARTVOICE BEST OF 2012! [Contest]

My boy DJ Heat back home needs a little help from some fellow hometown playas.

It’s that time of the year again and he’d really appreciate if you voted for him and his crew in the Artvoice Best of Buffalo 2012!!!

******* HOW TO VOTE *******
Voting takes less then 5 minutes and it’s actually kind of fun.
Remember you NEED to vote for 20 items for it to count!
1. Go to:
2. Enter your email, make sure it works.
3. Go in your email, click link.

Add in your ballot:
Best Club DJ: DJ Dstar
Best Hip-hop act: DJ Heat
Best DJ Crew: Money Team
Best Local Radio Personality: DJ Heat

and our friends if you need suggestions, cuz you need 20 items filled out:
Best Brunch: Empire Grill
Upscale Bar: Toro Tapas Bar
Best Place To Dance: Noir

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