Cali Cam – The Champagne Chronicles [Mixtape]

1st time I’ve heard of Cali Cam, was literally last week, when I posted a track by Howard Floz entitled “She’s Gone” which featured a cool 16 from him.  And a week later, here I am posting a project by this guy, due to his smooth ability to ride the fuck out of a tightly composed beat.

I’m a big fan of streaming before I download, as to not waste anymore precious RAM on my poor HP hard drive. After peeping a couple folks I polly with on twitter going ape shit over this Champagne Chronicles game, I hit Cam’s bandcamp to check out the fuss.  To my surprise, it was chocked full of awesome goodies, that I found myself nodding to and itching to download.  I won’t spoil the project, but for this being my 1st full on encounter with Cali Cam, he gets 2 guns up from the Lowe.

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DOWNLOAD: The Champagne Chronicles | [Mediafire] by Cali Cam

PREVIOUS: Howard Floz feat. Cali Cam – She’s Gone (prod. Half Amazin) [Leak]

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