Akua Naru Teams Up With Drea d’Nur To Finish Drea’s Debut Album [Video]

 Their Story:

Akua Naru:

In February, it was an honor to have Drea come and rock with us on the album. Songs like “Walking The Block” would not have been as chilling and emotional without her beautiful piano lines and tear jerking vocal performance.  I have never worked with an artist more soulful and professional. People kept asking me when we will collaborate and make more music, and that’s where the idea for this project was born.

Drea D’Nur:

I was so honored to be able to not only go to Germany but to work with Akua. When she saw that i was able to come, she set up a studio session just for me to record my own songs, and two photo sessions. In just one day, with no rehearsals, i was able to teach her band, DIGFLO, a few original songs and we recorded them. We also learned and came up with music for a song that Akua wrote. After listening back, I realized that Akua had assisted me in the commencement of my own project. She had kind things to say about my voice. But her providing this opportunity for me said that she was more than a fan. She was a believer in my music, as I am in hers.

Akua Naru:

Since I had already had experience with co-executive producing my album “…The Journey Aflame” and more recently the soon to be released “Live & Aflame Sessions”. Drea and I had began discussing ways where we could connect and create  more music. Drea & I decided to work together to produce Drea D’Nur’s very first album, supported by live musicians here in Cologne, Germany. I am so excited to be apart of this process. The responses that we received from the okayplayer release of “Walking The Block” shows that people are ready to here socially conscious music created by female artists. I am honored to support Drea D’Nur’s desire to do just that.

Drea D’Nur:

It makes sense to finish what I started in Germany. With a fullband ready to work,  professional studio, and another producer to collab with, the finishing and releasing of my album is doable and reachable.


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