MTV UK’s Wrap Up & Watch Out: Quadir Lateef [INTERVIEW]

MTV UK sits down with Buffalo native, Quadir Lateef, a conscious, independent artist with an intense hunger, and thirst for knowledge.  They cover collaborations, politics, his better half Drea D’Nur and her projects, Quadir’s recently released album Rebel Forces, and more. Check out the interview below.

Rapper Quadir Lateef is a refreshing addition to the rap scene, with his eye-opening poetry slowly changing the mentality of must-have materialism within hip-hop culture. After much demand from the underground scene, the ‘anti-industry’ artist has now unleashed his sophomore album ‘Rebel Forces’ to the world. The Wrap Up’s Ra’ed Poetical spoke to Q about his collaboration with Brother Ali, his opinions on mainsteam hip-hop, recording with his family and more…

The Wrap Up: As a relatively new artist on the hip-hop scene, how would you say your new album differs from others?

Quadir Lateef: With ‘Rebel Forces’ I wanted to capture the essential feeling of hip-hop in the early 90’s without copying flows and styles. I teamed up with a really dope producer called Covert. Covert is a real hip-hop head, but he does not use average samples – originality is the key word for this album. It’s old-school yet futuristic and doesn’t follow the average song scheme – I’m kind of ‘anti-industry’ [laughs].

TWU: What was the thought process behind the making of your new album?

Quadir Lateef: My thought process was ‘KILL ‘EM WITH THE FLOW!’ I wanted to make an album that will make people say ‘yo, did you hear what he said?’ [Laughs]

To view the full length interview head over to:


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