KENZO KNOWS: A Flagrant City Exclusive Sit Down with G.S. [INTERVIEW]


I recently sat down with buffalo artist “G.S” and recorded our conversation on certain topics involving music and day to day thoughts. also we have a track we will be releasing exclusively via flagrant city Called “Natural Selection” Which Features Artist “M-A” From the Mile High Camp (also hailing from Buffalo, NY) …. here is a quick bio on who G.S is

“I feel like game has changed and its time to bring it to a new place where we separate the fact from the fiction.”

This is how G.S. feels about the rap game.  The 28 year old lyricist hails from Buffalo, NY with a fresh yet nostalgic sound that takes listeners into many scenarios ranging from gritty street stories to great unique experiences. The best way to describe him is versatile in his content and delivery.

With a flow and wisdom beyond his years, G.S. wishes to usher in a new era of music from an area that many have overlooked.  Interview & Song Link Below.

– Kenzo


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