Sports Academy: #SA100 Campaign [Fundraiser]

Lindsey Taylor, the executive director of Sports Academy in Buffalo, NY is looking for support for their upcoming 2012 -2013 Sports Academy program.
“We are just sending out this letter to our community partners, sponsors  supporters and friends in regards to our 2012-2013 Sports Academy 100 (#SA100) Campaign. Our youth leadership and sports program has recently launched this campaign before the start of our youth basketball program to engage a minimum of 100 youth to get involved in positive and safe programming such as our youth basketball program. We are entering into our basketball season and we want to continue to provide our program to the community and continue our growth on a yearly basis. Especially within our inner-city with getting them involved in our program throughout the season. We will not only be training for basketball but educational workouts & tutoring, field trips , community service and special events. If you can help us in anyway or help by spreading the word of our exciting campaign for our youth!”
Contact: Lindsey Taylor
Executive Director

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