Wrek Less feat. RicDeVon – My Pencil [VIDEO]

RicDeVon, a representative for Lost World Music Group (LWMG) sent us a video by his fellow label mate, Wrek Less, featuring himself. LWMG is an independent hip hop label consisting of four artists; Ariez Sakara, RicDeVon, Wrek Less and Shotta D.


Ariez Sakara founded LWMG in November of 2010. Shortly thereafter he recruited RickDeVon and Wrek Less to join him in the quest to bring good music back.  Just recently they added a longtime friend of the group Shotta D.  Last year the group released the official video for their single “My Pencil” to show the world what they have in store.

In the time in between the release of the video and now, the gentlemen have been preparing for the upcoming project by Wrek Less.

“My Pencil” is a track influenced by the quote “The pen is mightier than the sword”. It features a trip hop beat, a catchy melodic hook, and two “hard bodied” verses from RicDeVon and Wrek Less.


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