Nia Keturah – Po Lil Black Girl [TRAILER]

Very interesting, to say the least.  This trailer, from Nia Keturah, who hails from “I-don’t-know-where-exactly-yet,” features the beat “Po Lil Black Girl Pt.IV” produced by A$AP P on the Boards, the incomparable producer of A$AP Rocky ft. Flatbush Zombie’s “Bath Salts” and A$AP Ant’s “Coke and White Bitches.”


The tape features Ryshon Jones, two9 affiliate Papa Jae, ICK member ABGOHARD, and Taahir. PLBG’s interludes are all performed by OXYxMORON. The tape boasts beats composed by A$AP P (P on the Boards), Wino Willy, B00 Radley, Raiden Major from Major118, Hiri Skywalker, Savvy Society and Tim Pace.


Po Lil Black Girl drops exclusively on at 1 pm on March 26th.

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