Lucid Rebellion presents Pray For Reign – Drop 1 [10.18.13]

New fashion alert!!!! My home girl Shpree Gray of the Chi-Town is releasing a new line of wrist-wear, or as I like to say, “wrist-gear” which will be available EXCLUSIVELY at her LR webstore for Lucid Rebellion on tomorrow, October 18th, 2013.



 According to Shpree, “this release both campaigns and represents the importance of accessories with every outfit along with my love & pride for accessories. This is a movement that has undergone countless weeks of preparation;  I needed to come correct with the right tones and stones that will compliment every style imaginable. *’Pray For Reign* Drop 1 is for everyone that may have strayed from the abundance of style once possessed with just the drapings of the wrist with the staple colors that everyone loves.”


Every single piece is hand-crafted by Shpree herself, on the southside of Chicago, with every ounce and fiber of her being. She uses precious gemstones and charms to create unique, customized, and eye-appealing pieces.  Also, Ishe understands  the importance of comfort; “every piece will stretch for maximum wrist wear comfort,” she says.image

General sizes will be available in S/M(6.5-7in) – M/L(7-7.5in) (bigger sizes upon request. Everyone will get fly). Every piece is original and limited to insure your unique taste. The amount of styles offered per piece will lead to dozens of combinations, bringing the fun in your fashions. Visit the shop here: and tell her Lowe sent ya.

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