Dear Future Wife Season 2 | Episode 5 [Video]

If you are in for the day and need something new to watch, checkout the “Dear Future Wife” series by either watching Season 2 | Episode 5 or catching up on the past episodes on the YouTube channel, because they are very easy to relate to the woes of dating in this day and age!


William Alexander: @Willslife “Brandon”
Webbie Casseus: @ “@12YearsAHaitian Jordan”
Jeovanie Andre: @JustJeo24_7 “Sasha”

Guest Appearance:
Courtney Garrett @madly_insane “Folandra”
Falon Ronae @falonronae “Michelle”
Michael J Sanchez @mikezvision “Carlos”
Shylah Soares @SoShylah “Sasha”
Jesse Lewis @poetic_j
Jasmin Brown @WatchJazzy

Written by:
McKinson Souverain: @McKinSkin

Produced by:
Diana S. Rice

Audio by:
Bieness Alfred: @Bee4orreal

Music by:
Kira Hayze…

Muzik Jones Drew: @MuzikJonesDrew
Theme Song:

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