The FC: @JayePrime feat. @Scolla313 – Somebody (prod. @SirWoodren) [NEW MUSIC]

Scolla’s been back in Detroit for the past few months working on a few projects (EP, Album, VibeHaus…etc) and getting back in sync with all the amazing things going on there.  He has been working with a small handful of producers (as he usually likes to keep it) on all this new vibes.  One of them being the super talented Ashton Woods. In this short time home, Scolla has gotten the chance to spend more time around all of the artists he’s developing and frequently collaborating with and one he’s proud to say he’s been with, is the incredible Jaye Prime. 

” I was first introduced to her when I saw her perform before Detroit Che at a Richy Marciano event at Bob’s Classic Kicks. I’m not easily moved by many performers these days but I watched her turn up the energy of the room entirely as she got on the mic. I became a fan then. It was a no brainer when she asked me to be apart of a record she and Woods were building together. ” says Scolla.

Now that the backstory is out of the way he would like to give you this long, elaborate description of the song and what it represents to him but he’d rather spare you spare you that and let you just press play. 

 “Jaye Prime has something special, I was happy to be apart of it. She’s most definitely a clear leader and innovator in this prospering #NewDetroit scene. Make sure you familiarize yourself with her. Enjoy.” – Scolla

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