About BuffaLowe PR, LLC

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Started in January 2013 by Rhonda Lowe of Flagrant City, BuffaLowe PR, LLC is a Los Angeles-based public relations firm specializing in custom online media, marketing, promotions and press for independent artists and brands!

Rhonda has previously served as Road Manager/Merchandiser/Photographer/Videographer for Buffalo-based rap group, Well Fed (inactive). June 2011 Rhonda went to Ocean City, MD for the annual Car Show to film footage of the group on tour.

She also served as Road Manager/Merchandiser to Brooklyn-based emcee Deuce Ellis and DJ Tiger in Buffalo, NY at Warped Tour in the Summer of 2011, and July 2013 on the “SPREAD: The World Tour.”

Darien Lake Warped Tour 2011 – Buffalo, NY. Pictured with hip-hop artist Deuce Ellis (left) and Tiger the DJ (right).
Spread The World Tour. July 2013. Pictured with DJ Tiger (middle) and Deuce Ellis (far right) – Detroit, MI.


Upon the conclusion of the SPREAD Tour, and relocating from Tracy, CA to Los Angeles, CA,  Rhonda began working at 99.3 KCLA FM as a radio announcer in August 2013 through February 2014 with the American Radio Network.  Here she learned basic recording and editing techniques, communication skills, managing and recording advertisements & public service announcements.  She also incorporated Flagrant City into her shows, by playing music by artists that she would feature on her website, or informing listeners of local upcoming events in LA, also being promoted on Flagrant City!

Currently the Owner and Editor-in-Chief for Flagrant City, which she has been doing since November 2009, Rhonda releases an annual compilation series entitled Illicit Activities, with DJ Tiger, and with the help of her partner, Mackenzie Harris.


Rhonda also handles marketing and promotions for Dirty Logan Association artist, Fernandough the Poets and the Fun With Friends event series in her hometown of Buffalo, NY, in partnership with Mackenzie Harris.

Read More: https://buffalowe.wordpress.com/about/

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