About Rhonda Jane and Half Baked Boys

Rhonda Janell Lowe, who is the CEO of BuffaLowe PR and FlagrantCity.com, also owns and operates her new online boutique, Rhonda Jane, which falls under the BuffaLowe PR umbrella!

The 420 Chic Boutique was inspired by the leading lady Mary Jane, played by Rachel True, from the classic 90s stoner cult film “Half Baked.” This was one of Rhonda’s favorite movies growing up, and with her middle name being Janell, she dubbed herself with the unique moniker, Rhonda Jane, to pay homage to the classic Mary Jane Mistress in her own way!



Rhonda Jane is about being comfortable, bold, feeling empowered, being confident, stylish, and unique!  There was once a time when rocking weed-inspired apparel/accessories were taboo, now as we progress to be a legalized nation, we want to help the discrete, yet chic stoners, or those who support the cause for legalization, or any other cause for that matter, to rep in their own way!

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