About Flagrant City

Started in November 2009 by Rhonda Lowe, Flagrant City is a now a Los Angeles/Buffalo-based brand dedicated to showcase the overlooked talent held by artists of all genres, (music, theatre, fine art, dance, etc) from the Queen City where Lowe was born and raised, to the free world.

A large majority of the content found on Flagrant City is dedicated to things going on in, around, or about Buffalo, however it is not limited to 716 happenings. From music to current events, and everything in between, Flagrant City keeps you up-to-date with under-the-radar independent artists from the Queen City and across the world through Lowe’s enticing eyes.

Rhonda Lowe currently resides in Los Angeles where she works independently as a freelance writer, content editor & promotional director of Flagrant City.  Rhonda was also a Former radio host with the American Radio Network 99.3 KCLA FM and merchandiser/road manager to Brooklyn hip hop artist Deuce Ellis and DJ Tiger.



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