Issa Interview: The Othrz

Last month I had the pleasure of interviewing the musical duo Reginald (Sir Michael Prince) and Stephon (K- Swift) that are known as The Othrz about their recently released self-titled EP. We talked about their creative processes, inspirations and motivations. Enjoy their insights!

Here’s a quick key so y’all can follow:

Q: Question

K: K-Swift

R: Reggie


Q: How did you to meet and begin working together ?

K: We met when we were both 15 years old, have known each other for over ten years and have been working together three years.

R: We wanted to work with more people and were planning on collaborating with other artist but it didn’t work out- that’s how we came up with the name ‘The Othrz’.

Q: what is your creative process?

K: (Our) Creative process to make music is to make people feel good. I pick sounds that sound new and just living in that moment of creating what comes to us.

R: It all depends for me and the feel. I listened to the beat for ‘Don’t let me fall” for four months before writing the lyrics and freestyled “Ride”

K: yea, depends on the vibe.. Quick back story on “Can We” the first song on the Ep:

I went on a date to the Albright Art museum, myself and my date were walking around not feeling anything we were seeing. Then we stopped and looked at this picture I called it “love and cautious” just from feel of its wild colors. When I got home I began working on the beat inspired from it from 8pm to 2am and from 2 am on I wrote the lyrics then called Reggie. It turns out the name of the piece was conversions, which means a place where two places meet and that’s what this was: The correlation of art and music. The beauty of creating something out of no where and having someone years later relate to it. When you creative inspiration in you it comes out randomly.

R: For me it’s speaking your truth. In my life I put people ahead of me but now I need to look out for me. Because if you are not cool with yourself, if you are not right within you not going to be able to relate or be with anyone.“In my arms” was inspired by that beginning phase of a relationship, just when it starts up and being true in that.

Q: What keeps you motivated and going musically ?

K: My passion for music. I like so many different artist of all genres, languages – if it feels good and sounds good. It doesn’t matter to me if people like it, but how I felt making it keeps me going that feeling I have making it and I’m open with doing it. Don’t put yourself in a box. Timberland and Pharrell inspire me, watching them and how they’ve changed, its fun.

R: growing up around the way you see everyone doing the same thing. I didn’t want to grow up and be average. I was surrounded by artists – my brothers, uncles, they all were in it. I looked up to Usher, Michael Jackson, Miguel, I knew and saw that words had such an impact. I cant move or function without music. I just kept pushing, moving and hanging around the right people, like minded individuals.

Q: Any last remarks ..?

K: If Anyone is ready or looking for work, we’re here!

If you haven’t check out there latest EP, check it out Here !


Interview with Lindsey Taylor

Lindsey Taylor is a buffalo native that started Crown ENT back in 2007, and has since then developed and worked on large projects such as Ballin’ For a Cause, and most recently the Beau Fleuve Music and Arts Festival
We caught up with him to see how he feels about his personal growth, how he finds balance between it all, his views on leadership and more. 

M- Marielle ,LT- Lindsey Taylor 

M: How do you feel about your progress over the past decade? – from Balling for a Cause, Crown ENT, and most recently Beau Fleuve Music and Arts Festival. 

LT: I feel good because I was able to show growth over the past year.- that I am not one dimensional, to be able to host multidimensional events, to see how far we come, to be able to inspire young entrepreneurs and creators , to open doors for others and venues. I feel real happy with my growth.

M: Have you been able to fulfill the goals you set for yourself 10 years ? Are you where you projected yourself to be?

LT: Yes. When I started I wanted parties to be the stepping stone into doing a variety of events. I never wanted to be known and labeled as just the party promoter. Crown ENT. and parties were the foundation. I wrote goals down in notebooks – I still find some of them in old notebooks and then I would write an outline for how I wanted to execute it. I’ve been working on Beau Fleuve for two years now.

And I have made most of those, may have not hit it all the way, but to be able to see that can achieve the concept and that it is possible. 

M: did any of those goals change for you ? 

LT: things always change, I’ve wrote ideas down and went a different course with it completely. 
M: How do you focus between your projects and your personal life and family? 

LT: I’m still working on finding balance between life and projects and myself. This is currently my number one goal : to dedicate one day to my family with my phone off, just time to unplug. I’ve been burnt out physically, mentally. 

Constantly working makes your work go stale . 
Like when I took my daughter to Disney World for vacation I was watching how Disney operates: their team, their influence, how they were with guest. 


There was a time when something was wrong with our car and before we could go to ask for help someone was there taking care of it . 

M: wow. That leads well into my next question: What is your organizing/ planning process : do you focus more energy into work you team is doing, the work you do yourself, or strive to find balance between both ? 

LT: I’m working with distributing responsibilities to team members and building team members up so that they can be those representatives of myself. 
So that when problems occur people can go to them and they solve it instead of running me for everything. 
I wanted it to be that the answer my team member gives is the exact same thing I would say if asked.- so that if I Lindsey leave my event it would still run perfectly . 

M: How would you describe the impact you’ve had local art scene ? What lasting influence do you want to leave ? 

LT: I have always incorporated music in my events- from party promoting with Crown ENT and getting in contact with MCs and local musicians, balling for a cause I always incorporated music into that as well, I did cyphers for local rappers and over the years I’ve built relationships with a lot of artists. Now I want learn more about new artists and gain more lasting relationships. 
On last influence:

We want artists to be able to come to us and use our platform to benefit all of us, we want to be able to pioneer these ideas. With basketball people are looking it ( balling for a cause) all over the world – we get contacted from teams from Canada and Africa inquiring about it. We want to be the staple representative of this brand. 

M: what impact does your political views and association have in any of your projects? 

LT: I keep politics separate from events and projects. (I) show support in different ways. I don’t center or align with just one political party or candidate. We do have good relationships with some figures that have shown interest and been involved with some of our events. 

M: how do you deal with diversity? 

LT: diversity is one of my biggest things. I was born and raised in the city and attended school with people of all different backgrounds. I want to reach a diverse background of people – black, white, Asian, all people. I want to build relationships across all races. 

One of the big things with Beau Fleuve was to have as much diversity as possible, we had country, rock , hip hop, we could’ve easily just did a hip hop show, but I wanted diversity. 
In fact, this past year one of my friends invited me to a country concert and I had the best experience even though I only knew like two song, it was one of the best shows I’ve ever been to . 

M: What should people be on the look out from you ? Any upcoming projects that you can share with us ? 

LT: We are currently working on the Beau Fleuve Foundation to give back to youth arts, create scholarships and making Beau Fleuve into a Mega Festival 
M: That sounds Awesome ! Any closing statements, last words .. 

LT: Shout out to Rhonda to always being supportive, she’s great. It takes all of us coming together every aspect of media, promoters, artists and working together. Pulling together. 

Salon Talk Podcast – Episode 16: Rhonda Lowe [INTERVIEW]

Arica, Lowe, Fee (pictured left to right)

Salon Talk Podcast – Episode 16: Rhonda Lowe

Have you listened to ya girl Lowe on Salon Talk Podcast yet!?  If not, what are you waiting for!!!???  While home in Buffalo, NY for the Christmas holiday, Flagrant City Boss Lady and BuffaLowe PR CEO, Rhonda Lowe sat down with Arica and Fee the icebreaker for Episode #16 was “how far have you gone in a video/pic or facetime?”  Let’s just say it was a hot and spicy opening!!! LOL. Salon Talk also discussed Lowe’s move to Cali, Cali weed, Burning Clothes, Vandalism and they also Play Over-rated/Under-rated!

Stream the episode live right on the blog here: Salon Talk Podcast – Episode 16: Rhonda Lowe also available on iTunes, Soundcloud and Google Play!


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Around LA: Catch Ill Camille on The Pharmacy! [5.14.16]


The beautiful Ill Camille spotted lacing some vocals at Dr. Dre’s studio in Los Angeles!  Check out this spittin’ femcee on Dr. Dre’s hit radio show, The Pharmacy, this Sladderday 5/14/16!!!


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1839 Magazine Takes a Closer Look at Thomas Agnew of JENESIS Magazine x Boom Concepts [INTERVIEW]

 1839 Magazine sits down with Thomas Agnew of JENESIS Magazine and discuses his past contributions,  current projects and future goals. 

 If you aren’t sure who Thomas is by way of Flagrant City, let me catch you up to speed just a bit. He has run the Pittsburgh-based online magazine publication JENESIS for over 8 years now. He is an avid graphic designer, crafting fliers, album covers, etc for brands and artists alike. Thomas did he the artwork for our first Illicit Activities mixtape in 2010 and our most recent cover for the 6th installment this past April. 

He is also a supporter of Dirty Logan artist Fernandough the Poet who is a featured artist on JENESIS. He has also handled the artwork for several of his projects, including The OJ Simpson Tape which was released in 2010. 


Recently he opened Boom Concepts, which is a local art gallery in Pittsburgh where he is able to host events, and further promote his brands.  Read more in his interview below!

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Look at My Black Beauty Chats with Acid Cupcakes Owner Simone Alexis [INTERVIEW]

Recently myself and hometown stylist Simone Alexis Webb reconnected on social media a few months ago, after I saw she shared a link from on her Facebook page.  I offered her many thanks, as I do with everyone I can who shares our content from Flagrant City or BuffaLowe PR, that I see on social media.  I met Simone a few years ago, in passing, through my boy Rashaad Holley, (who used to work at the local brand, Fresh Dogs Clothing Company) at her friend Sheritta’s apartment. This was at our old college, the University at Buffalo (SUNY), one cold winter night in the Queen City of Buffalo, prior to me moving to California in November 2011.

I haven’t kept up with Simone until recently but she’s been doing some great things back in my hometown over the years.  From styling, customizing accessories and her dope online clothing boutique, Acid Cupcakes just releasing their fall line, for which she styled and photographed!


Photo Courtesy of Simone Alexis’ Facebook Page

Check out the UK based blog, Look At My Black Beauty‘s where they featured and interviewed with Simone. They discuss fashion tips for this crisp fall season, future plans for her brands and she shares her current successes!


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BuffaLowe Says –  Flagrant City Exclusive Interview with planeHOUSEco [INTERVIEW]

Photo courtesy of

Exclusive Interview Sit Down With Lowe: planeHOUSE (Bzy x Kara Juélz)

1. Lowe: What is the concept of planeHOUSE and how did you ladies get into the music scene?

Meet Bzy

Bzy: I got into music as a kid.  My older God-sister was into music and my older brother.  My brother when I was 10 purchased acid music and started making beats back when Young Buck was with Detay still.  I started writing as therapy to cope with my mother’s death and my brother’s incarceration at age 15.  I attended Xavier in New Orleans, LA in 2006 and by Spring of 2007 I started to get serious.  Being an indie artist I felt that a platform was needed for me to establish myself so I started to events with other indie artists and taste makers, which eventually became planeHOUSE.

Meet Kara Juélz


Kara Juélz: I got involved with music as a child being introduced to poetry at age 7 in school and started writing songs at age 9.

2. Lowe:  How is the support in your hometown(s)?

Bzy: The support in my hometown Nashville, TN is like your typical upcoming artist-city relationship.  There’s support but there’s also hate.  There’s people who only associate themselves with me for opportunities and then some who genuinely support me (very few); however, I established the brand and the music in NOLA.  New Orleans is my second home and the support there is CRAZY! From the music to events and even the brand. NOLA is my biggest support!

Kara Juélz: In New Orleans the music scene isn’t as apparent as it may be in other cities but the support is definitely there. I’ve worked with several local artists, producers , in addition to videographers ever since I began recording.  Much love to my city for sure!

3. Lowe: What are some of the challenges you face in the industry as women of color? How did/how do you overcome these obstacles?

Bzy: Respect and men maintaining professionalism; respect because women are often looked at in an inferior way compared to men when it comes to handling business.  I do a lot of management and event coordination and I find that I have to be very stern, organized, punctual and professional to get the proper respect.  As for men maintaining professionalism, I feel most women experience this.  I often get “let’s work” and I get there to a guy trying to finesse me into foolishness (laughs). How I handle that is by not mixing business with pleasure, not giving mixed signals and handling business.  Some things can totally be avoided.

Kara Juélz: Some of those obstacles include going up against men in general.  Women are automatically underestimated in the entertainment industry as business women.  To overcome these kinds of challenges we do everything in-house, involving mainly just ourselves so we aren’t faced with the challenge of depending on a man to get things done, who may undermine our capabilities.

4. Lowe: Who is your target audience and why? For new listeners, such as myself, where would you suggest we start listening as far as your current and past content to really understand what your brand(s) & movement is all about?

Bzy:  My target audience, I would say, would be from 16-30.  I really like to do a lot for the youth and young adults like myself.  I feel like they’re the most impressionable and can relate to my music.  I strive to have a sense of empathy with my fans.  I want them to hear a record and relate so much that they feel exactly how I do, as if they’re in my shoes.  For example, I’m a huge Kid Cudi fan, when I attend his shows I connect with him as an artist; his music helps me on a good and bad day…that’s what counts.  People can listen to the upcoming projects to understand who I am.  The collaborative project with Kara Juélz is me having fun, but my solo project Hearts&Roses will for sure give one a deeper look into who I am not only as an artist, but as a person.

Kara Juélz: Our target audience is men and women ages 15 – 28.  That is our generation.  We make music for us, also for younger teens who can also relate.

5. Lowe: What musical artists have influenced (past/present) the planeHOUSE sound?

Bzy: Missy Elliot, Busta Rhymes, New and Old South.

Kara Juélz: Me, personally, I’ve been influenced by the consistency and persistence of Jay Z, the passion and non-stop working-towards-perfection of Beyoncè, and last but not least the real and direct natural talents of Lauryn Hill.  Less directly the cool of Missy Elliott.   I recommend starting with music from the 90s and mosey on up to current day mainstream options. We are a mix, a majority of the inspiration comes from the past infiltrated with what you see today.

6. Lowe: Where is your favorite place to perform while traveling?

Bzy: Thus Far my favorite city to perform in is New Orleans. The energy is always amazing and they’re always live. It can be 5-500 people at an event and if an artist rocks the crowd they’re up front with their hands up dancing.

Kara Juélz:  My favorite place by far has been Atlanta. They always show love.


7. Lowe: What’s next for planeHOUSE after this “Bout It” release?

Bzy: Kara Juélz and my own solo projects, visuals, a few collaborations, new apparel and merchandising with the brand and hitting the road.  Just going to continue to push!

Kara Juélz: Personal projects! Be very ready.

Stream “Bout It” on Soundcloud, Tidal, Apple Music and Google Play!

Visit: for more from Bzy x Kara Juélz !