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Racism Lives Here Pt.2: The Hard Facts

The Buffalo News article regarding last night’s posting about the incident at 4Play Night Club this past weekend.

“The management of a Chippewa Street nightclub Saturday kicked out 40 to 50 members of a private party because the party contained too many African-Americans and not enough whites, according to two Buffalo party planners and a patron who witnessed the incident.

The management of 4Play nightclub, 45 W. Chippewa St., told party promoter Devon Jones that more white people needed to come to the club by 11 p. m. or the mostly black crowd would be kicked out, Jones said.

At 11 p. m., lights were turned on, music stopped playing, and a crowd of about 40 or 50 was escorted out of the nightclub by the bar’s security staff, Jones said. Two eyewitnesses gave The Buffalo News accounts that matched the one Jones provided.

“I honestly think it’s wrong,” said Jones, who was promoting the event as an “after party” to a fashion show held at the nearby Forbes Theatre in the Buffalo Christian Center on Pearl Street. “I have no problem partying with a white guy, I have no problem partying with a Hispanic guy [or] another African-American. We’re all human beings when it all boils down.”


– Lowe

Racism Lives Here. Welcome to Buffalo, NY.

“Buffalo was once a thriving city, but is now statistically rated every year among the top ten most racist, depressing and segregated cities in America. The recent behavior of bouncers at 4Play nightclub on Chippewa offer an embarrassing example.

After a successful fashion show at Forbes Theater, Royal Entertainment arranged for an after party to take place at 4Play nightclub. The models and musicians from the show all walked over to the club after the event ended around 10 P.M. All was well until 11 P.M. when the party ground to a halt, the music was shut off, and the lights were turned on. Everyone was ordered to leave the club immediately, even after people paid to get in.

Everyone stood outside in astonishment when they heard these words uttered by a bouncer: “It’s too black in here! I don’t care. I’m not going to lose my job over this.” The entire crowd, blacks and whites, heard this and were offended and hurt that this was happening to them.

According to the after party promoter, Jonathan Huff, he spoke to the club manager. Afterward he said this: “As one of the promoters, all business was negotiated and handled properly, but I was given a demand at 10:30 P.M. to bring in more white people by 11 P.M. or the plug would be pulled.”

This type of blatant racism is unacceptable and demeaning and must be fought against by the people of Buffalo. Buffalo has the potential to be a great city once more, but who wants to live in a place where such ignorance, racism, and clearly illegal discrimination are present? This stupidity must end.”

Now this shit isn’t anything new, it is however disgusting that its still occurring in 2011. To voice your distaste with this most recent display of blatant ignorance && racism head over and sign the petiton to boycott that night club. Check out tomorrow’s edition of the Buffalo News for more coverage.

To sign the petition go here:

– Lowe

Happy 420!!!

Fuck the weed haters. Today is National Weed Day in America. Let the sober ass niggas be sober, while we indulge in the Illicit-est of Activities.

If we smoke everyday, what’s so special about today??? The answer is simply because we fuckin CAN! Gay people have Pride week to celebrate their gayness. Well potheads are citizens too and we deserve to have a day where we can celebrate our lifestyle without people throwing salt.

If you don’t agree with it, don’t like it, just swallow it up with ya sober ass and brace yourself to be annoyed by all the marijuana propaganda that will be floating in the air all day.

To each his own. Happy 420. Smoke Some’n Bitch!!!

– Lowe

Get Chu One. Sashes by @EricaMootry.

Pardon the background. Just focus on the sash.

This cool little accessory helped top off my birthday hoopla this weekend. Everywhere I went, people knew it was my bday, not cuz I was drunk in a corner, or screaming loudly, but because the dope ass sash strewn across my body said so.

The back read: I’M SO FLAGRANT.  Dopest shit I ever smoked.

Custom made, personalized sashes by Buffalo businesswoman Erica Mootry are a well worth investment for any occassion, birthdays, bachelorette parties, engagements && more. Mines came as a gift from my good friend Cassie for my 24th bday celebration 🙂

Check her out: tell her ya Loweso sent cha.

“Don’t be the girl in the dollar general sash” – Erica

I concur!

– Lowe

#FlagrantCityFriday: Birthday Season Edition

Soooo last nite was interesting.  Niggas brought in B Kean‘s 24th birthday with a bang. Me & B wound up on Allen St at Hardware & the Pink for some wild fun with the goons…

This is our nite, in a quick nutshell…

Still coherant…

Headed to Cookie Land…

Cookies are tossed…

The heckling…

The look of agony & defeat…

Love my nigga

And thats all folks!

If you weren’t there, details of the events are not to be discussed publicly. Wild shit went down. In more ways than one. lol

Hit my Ace Bryan up and wish him a happy bday on twidda: @TheRealBryanK

– Lowe

Writer’s Block…

HNIC. Pondering. No pad. No pen…

i feel like all three of these photos at once. my brain zoned out. millions of ideas buzzing about. tired. physically strained. twiddling my thumbs. waiting for greatness to strike me. and as i sit idle waiting for my next thought to complete, and post to draft up, I’ll leave you with this one that is in my constant view everyday: “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” – fortune taped to my laptop


– Lowe

When Did You Fall In Love With Hip-Hop?

I hope not 2010.

Hip-Hop is changing. And not for the best. Well mainstream rap music has become so materialized and fabricated you can’t even tell who’s in for the real love of the art of music. With so many people out here making A-B-C style, easy to recite songs, inventing cheesy dances to mock in the club, what does the generation after us have to look forward to? Will they ever understand and appreciate melodic beats and meaningful lyrics? It’s sad that we have to ask ourselves these questions. Especially when my generation (80s babies) was raised listening to the ever so popular artists like Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Notorious B.I.G., 2Pac, Jay-Z and many more who recorded music that is still praised and listened to today.

With the emergence of the second decade of the millennium approaching, I hope new music does as well. I look forward to artists like Lupe Fiasco, Wale, J.Cole, and others to enlighten the world and tell us sweet stories of life’s experiences. Not couplets of how shiny your chain is, or what size rims you’re riding on. Lemme tell you guys something. We don’t care.

We want to hear things we can relate to, music that allows us to be empathetic. Or music that gives us a good feeling. My generation is getting older, meaning as we start take on life and start families we want them to experience good music as we have.

So with that in  mind, I hope that upcoming artists begin to take the craft of their music more seriously and realize that the later generations need a chance to fall in love with hip-hop as we have.