Young Scolla – Renaissance Dreams coming soon

If you haven’t downloaded Prelude to Perfection, I’mma make you do it NOW [do it NOW!!!] —> Prelude to Perfection

Look out for Young Scolla’s Renaissance Dreams dropping before the end of December!!!

Check out a few leaks to keep ya busy til the DROP!

Want You To Know
Blowin My Head Up

Jenesis Magazine – December Issue

Check out your soon to be new favorite artist, along with your new favorite online publication all in one shot. Jenesis Magazine caters to the masses.


In this month’s feature get your fix for tips on holiday dating, a few mixtape downloads, interview with up-and-coming hip hop MC Neako, an awesome Wiz Khalifa spread and a few other tasty treats.

Download the magazine here —> MEDIAFIRE | Jenesis Magazine Website

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Pol B – Clocked Out Vol.1 (Hosted by Don Cannon) [Mixtape]

Buffalo native, relocated ATLien Pol-B is making his mark in the indie hip-hop world. This release with a hosting from mixtape powerhouse DJ Cannon, attests to his credibility as a lyricist to look out for.

Watch the Clocked Out interview:

Download link & track-list below…

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The Cool Kids – Knocked Down [Video]

The Cool Kids newest music video “Knocked Down,” directed by Omid Fatemi, is from their critically acclaimed mixtape Gone Fishing. This is one of my favorite groups, good to see that these boys are still making good music. Peep the sangria and the ice cube sippage on the table come on!!! Can’t tell me these arent the coolest guys ever…

Flagrant City Spotlight: Young Scolla

Hailing from Detroit, MI, Young Scolla is an up-and-coming artist on the move. In addition to writing songs and producing, he also takes on the tasks of engineering, as well as fashion and graphic designing. His most recent mixtape release Prelude to Perfection is a very good listen and showcases some of his amazing capabilites.

My personal favorite tracks off this mixtape include:
“Paper Planes 2.0”
“Can I Live”
“It Feels Good”

Looks like lyrical content is making a comeback, cheers to you sir.

Also look out for Renaissanace Dreams dropping in December 09.

Download the mixtape here:
Prelude to Perfection or Alternate Link on Sharebee

For more info check out:@YoungScolla

Clipse feat. Cam’Ron – Popular Demand [Video]

I can never get enough of this twosome. Not only is it tight that brothers Malice and Pusha T get to rap alongside one another, but they both possess great musical capabilities lyrically. The swagger is on 1, followed by a zero zero.Check out the video for “Popular Demand” by the Clipse feat. Cam’Ron, who makes his return back to the limelight.

The Clipse’s highly anticipated album Til The Casket Drops, is slated for release December 8th 2009.

Flagrant City Spotlight: J.P. Moore-Green

J.P. Moore-Green is a two-man tandem consisting of Buffalo, NY natives, Jason R. Moore (Jay Moore, formerly DJ JusSCauze) and Peter D.J. Green (P-Prop).

“The love for music has been in me since a young age, writing has always been a passion as well, from poems to short stories to the booth,” says P-Prop.

Check out this studio session:

Jay Moore, who also runs the clothing line Ace of All Trades, has a foothold in so many areas within the musical circuit: writing, recording, producing, deejaying, editing, are just a few of his capabilities. “I’ve been heavily interested in the world of music since a young age (as cliche as it sounds) as well as the world & current events. Music has become my outlet for everything and I hope everyone can come along for the ride and enjoy the journey.”

For more information about J.P. Moore-Green, please visit:

J.P. Moore-Green Website

Jay Moore:@JayMooreMusic | P-Prop: @PPropMusic

A Few Tracks from the fellas off their upcoming mixtape Recession Proof:

The Nicest
Rockstar Mentality

Lyricism is back people, let’s embrace it.

Wiz Khalifa – Deal Or No Deal [Album]

If you are just now jumping on the Wiz bandwagon, or still have NO idea who this flyy cat is, I’d suggest you take a gander at this in-the-skyy-guy. Wiz Khalifa hails from Pittsburgh, PA and has been actively blazing a trail on his quest to write his “Name on a Cloud” by blowing up the mixtape market with no holds “”

Finally about to break onto the mainstream stage with a highly anticipated album entitled, Deal or No Deal dropping in stores November 24th 2009, Wiz speaks with Fab 5 Ent about his upcoming releases, past music, music colleagues and more…

The first time I ever heard a song by Wizzle was on Buffalo’s local radio station 93.7 WBLK, in late 2007, d

uring the “In The Mix” segment from 9 to 10p where they do a powerhour of just full on music, commercial free. The tune sampled a 1999 techno club banger by Alice Deejay entitled “Better Off Alone,” and from the moment I heard him spitting over the sampled track I knew whoever this kid is he’s something dope.

The song, which I found out later to be “Say Yeah” was on and they only let about 1 minute of the song play, I hurried and jotted down whatever lyrics I could make out on my cell phone and went home to google the song. To no avail I could not find any lyric search engine site with the song and I had to do a lot of grunt work to find WHO made this track, and yet alone the name of the song. Finally found the lyrics, which led to the name

, and the song title. And the part of trying to find the mp3 file, was a task in itself. Limewire didn’t help and neither did any other file sharing program.

Finally resorting to the dreaded iTunes, there it was for a 99 cent download Wiz Khalifa – “Say Yeah”. That moment changed my life. ahhhhhhh good muzik is back. *sighs*

Deal or No Deal]
Ink My Whole Body [off of Star Power Mixtape]

Youngin On His Grind [off Show and Prove]

Some of my own personal favorite Wiz tracks include (but are definitely not limited to):

Favorite Show [feat. Boogz Boogetz]
This Plane [1st single off new album Deal or No Deal]
Buss Down [off of Prince of the City 2 Mixtape]
Got What You Need [feat. Lavish – also off Prince of the City 2]

For more info on Wiz Khalifa check out his Twitter page @RealWizKhalifa, YouTube Broadcast TaylorGangEnt

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