Flagrant City presents Illicit Activities [Mixtape]

See where it all started for Flagrant City’s Illicit Activities series, with the original release from 4/20/2010.




Kenzo Knows: Fashion Pick – The Hundreds

The Hundreds continue to kill the game in its competition out there in the clothing biz (trust me I know). This brand stands out the most, these guys are based in Cali, LA to be exact .. and they have threads for those who wish to style on the next man. thehundreds.com

Young Scolla – Renaissance Dreams coming soon

If you haven’t downloaded Prelude to Perfection, I’mma make you do it NOW [do it NOW!!!] —> Prelude to Perfection

Look out for Young Scolla’s Renaissance Dreams dropping before the end of December!!!

Check out a few leaks to keep ya busy til the DROP!

Want You To Know
Blowin My Head Up

Jenesis Magazine – December Issue

Check out your soon to be new favorite artist, along with your new favorite online publication all in one shot. Jenesis Magazine caters to the masses.

[CLICK PHOTO TO GO TO http://www.jenesismagazine.com]

In this month’s feature get your fix for tips on holiday dating, a few mixtape downloads, interview with up-and-coming hip hop MC Neako, an awesome Wiz Khalifa spread and a few other tasty treats.

Download the magazine here —> MEDIAFIRE | Jenesis Magazine Website

Follow them on Twitter @Jenesis_Mag @Thomas_Jenesis

Pol B – Clocked Out Vol.1 (Hosted by Don Cannon) [Mixtape]

Buffalo native, relocated ATLien Pol-B is making his mark in the indie hip-hop world. This release with a hosting from mixtape powerhouse DJ Cannon, attests to his credibility as a lyricist to look out for.

Watch the Clocked Out interview:

Download link & track-list below…

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The Cool Kids – Knocked Down [Video]

The Cool Kids newest music video “Knocked Down,” directed by Omid Fatemi, is from their critically acclaimed mixtape Gone Fishing. This is one of my favorite groups, good to see that these boys are still making good music. Peep the sangria and the ice cube sippage on the table come on!!! Can’t tell me these arent the coolest guys ever…
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