Check out where Flagrant City has been featured!

United States: Team Prolific » Flagrant City » Illicit Activities 4/15/10

Nino’s Corner:  #NinosCorner: Flagrant City – Illicit Activites 2 (Mixtape) 4/25/11

Rep Pittsburgh Hip Hop:  RPHH » OT Spotlight: Flagrant City x Krudmart Cypher 4/9/11  Cipher Video ‘Flagrant City x Krudmart Cipher – Mixed by DJ Tiger [OFFICIAL VIDEO]  Under the radar – 5 Buffalo blogs you need to follow | 3/8/12

JENESIS Magazine:  [Mixtape] Flagrant City & DJ Tiger – Illicit Activities 3 | Jenesis Magazine 4/22/12

Rep Pittsburgh Hip Hop: Flagrant City & DJ Tiger presents Illicit Activities 3: Sladderday Saints 4/22/12

The Tiger Uppercut: Download: @flagrantcity & @tigerthedj Present Ilicit Activities 3: Sladderday Saints [Mixtape] 4/23/12

JENESIS Magazine: [Video] Seven One Six MusicGroup Feat. GoGev – High Beams  10/1/12

Artvoice: 716 Hip Hop: “High Beams” Seven One Six MusicGroup Feat GoGev [Video] 10/2/12  On the grind: Buffalo hip-hop crew SevenOneSixMG releases new track – High Beams 10/8/12

Jack Thriller:  Video: SevenOneSixMG Ft. Go Gev – High Beams (Prod. By Mere Beats) [Dir. By @RealBobGallardo] 10/29/12

MTV Jams: Check out the Federal Agents tee cameo in the video “2 Damn Hard” It’s Sladderday: Nick Pratt – 2 Damn Hard [VIDEO]

United Kingdom:

NME: Freshmen Gang & Flagrant City | Interview with DJ Tiger 91.3 WBNY- NMETV 9/13/10

NME:  Flagrant City x Krudmart Cipher – Mixed by DJ Tiger [Official Video] 4/10/11

NME:  “High Beams” by SevenOneSixMG Feat. GoGev (Dir. Robert Gallardo) Video 10/5/12

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