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Beau Fleuve Music & Arts Festival Review 

The inaugural Beau Fleuve Music & Arts Festival kicked off its event with an amazing blues performance by Zuri Appleby, best known for playing with Nick Jonas as his bassist and closed with the anticipated performance of Venzella Joy, best known for playing with Beyoncé as her drummer. These famous Buffalo natives performances got the crowds excited and secured the heightened energy throughout the Festival. 

Beau Fleuve was held at the Buffalo Riverworks, a new and unique venue for an festival that was quiet the same.Upon entrance to the venue, there was a restaurant and bar with a large open space that would be used as an Exhibit Room featuring art exhibits, fashion art, speaker series and vendors. 

Along the back wall there was an entry way down to an arena that offered space to two main stages ,the river stage, more vendors and a stair case that lead to the silent disco located on a stage above the middle of the two main stages. 

On these three stages every art form imaginable was on display: all genres of music from country,Hip Hop, R&B, Neo Soul, Jazz, Indie and more, dance, spoken word, and live performances by painters & barbers. 

Amidst all this talent performers often found themselves competing with each other for space to be heard by their audiences. The amount of talent showcased at this event was astonishing and at time confusing.

 From the festival goers I had the pleasure of speaking with they all wished there was an event program given upon entry detailing the time/location of each performance to ensure they didn’t miss certain sets, but were also optimistic that by next year’s festival these minors kinks would be worked out.

Some of the highlights of the night were the Neo -Soul performances from Drea D’Nor and Lindsay Niccs that drew some of the largest crowds. We Stole the Show and The Pit Dance Crew raised the energy of the crowd as they interacted with festival goers within their sets. But above all, it can be agreed upon that the Silent disco was a definite favorite. 

Upon arrival to the silent disco stage each person is given special headphones that can switch from the three different dj’s mixing on the stage in front of them, these headphones would light up the color of whatever station they were currently listening to. The liveliest time of this was during Truey V’s set where crowds swarmed in circles dancing out to current and classic popular music as well as tunes from Buffalo’s own underground scene.

My personal favorites of the festival were the youth performances, the food, and the overall vibe of the festival. 

The multitalented set performed by the students from Buffalo Center of Arts and Technology was both beautiful and refreshing to see the amount of talent these youth possessed, what they were capable of when given creative freedom and a platform to showcase it. The indoor restaurant offered a delicious twist to the traditional Buffalo Chicken Wings with their Duck Wings rendition, which is meatier than their fellow feathered friends but with all the great flavors of a buffalo wing ! 

Festival goers were all in high spirits and friendly creating a welcoming family friendly environment. There was a strong sense of community among the artist that were mostly all Buffalo natives, their support of each other’s crafts extended beyond their performances, but also to their growth and accomplishments. 

I can go on about the wonderful experience I had at this Festival, it was truly a unique celebration. A celebration of a new Buffalo were artists are given not just space to showcase their craft and perform but a community that fully supports them.  

I look forward to attending next year’s festival and hopefully seeing the work of many other artists from the Buffalo & Western New York area. 

Truey V performing LIVE at VIBRATIONS – Buffalo, NY [5.15.15]

Catch Truey V performing live on 5/15/15 at V I B R A T I O N S located at HI-TEMP FABRICATION 79 Perry St in Downtown Buffalo, NY ! Starts at 6-10pm EST and there is a cover charge at the door!

Purchase tickets here: https://vibewithus.yapsody.com/event/book/11695/92729

Keep up with Truey here: IG: @goodwill.hunnets Twitter: @truey_v

Oldies But Goodies: Deuce Ellis – 716 [Video]

Anchor Bar, Elmwood, HSBC Arena, Skyway, Marina. These beautiful sights in the video, made me realize that I truly am 3 time zones away. ahhh. if I have to be homesick, glad this helps remedy the ills… thanks Deuce.

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Major Players – Jay Moore, D.Hill & Sheez, Muzik Jones Drew [Mixtape]

Who are these players? And why are they major? Jay Moore and D.Hill & Sheez hail from the Forgotten City of Buffalo, NY. Their slang is so B-lo & grind undeniable. They collaborated on a track entitled “Major Players” featuring other 716ers to show that they put on in any regard for their city. And with a remix brewing in the works with Delray Beach, FL bred player Muzik Jones Drew, proves these cats are up to bat & nothing but grand slams will be hit.

This compilation introduces the gentlemen individually, taking listeners on a journey from where they started to where they are now. Songs from D.Hill & Sheez’s project Mackin’ & Hangin’ which dropped in summer 2010 are featured: “Winner,” “In The Back,”  “Like That.” While a few recent freestyles: “LiveFastDieYoung” and “The Hangover” were added for swavor, as the boys of Well Fed calls “swag and flavor.”

Jay Moore’s set leads off with a couple jams from his release last winter (3/2010) The Making of a Legend Vol1: The Emotion, all of which he produced on his own.  “Mary” and “All of Me” are the features from that project, while “Son of Jerrell,” “Ghost of Christopher Wallace” and “So Appalled” are freestyles that may or may not make the cut on the upcoming mixtape The Golden Era Revival set for release summer 2011.

Muzik Jones Drew is the honorary Buffalonian making his mark on this tape and in that city, due in part to Rhon Lowe of Flagrant City’s efforts. A self-efficient machine, who writes, raps, sings, produces and engineers, Drew came from behind his keyboard for a bit and it wasn’t to play with these minor league players.  “Been Out Chea” “Funk Rap” “Take It Back (Kick Step)” are all from his first solo album Ghetto HarmonIz’N (1/2010), while “Hey” is a unreleased track from 2008 when he was a part of the group Dirty Project, and “Cool” is off his latest mixtape Kloud Life (3/2011), a compilation with former Dirty Project member 1Hot.

The final lap of the tape showcases the sparks that fly when these players team up for a track. “It’s All Good” uses MJD’s vocals for the hook, while Sheez & Hill merk out the verses. “Twisted” is a backyard BBQ type jam over a throwback Outkast beat with Jay Moore leading off and Muzik Jones Drew rounding out the end. “Ready or Not” Jay Moore and MJD show the true meaning of being 80s babies while freestyling over the classic Fugees track. Then the inspiration for the tape “Major Players” ends it on a high note: D.Hill & Sheez let it be known that it’s W.F.O.E. (Well Fed Over Everything) while Jay Moore’s smooth lyricism reigns supreme.  These are your Major Players.


Alternative links: Mediafire * Hulkshare

– Lowe

The 90’s Affair – T. Kimble & Enkore ENT: 4.15.11 [Lowe’s 24th Bday]

When: Friday, April 15th, 2011

Where: Club Infinity 3166 Main Street (Corner of Transit Rd) Williamsville, NY


Advance Tickets Available: ONLY $20

BUFFALO – Doris Records, New Style Records NIAGARA FALLS – Hip Hop Center, ROCHESTER –  Mad Flavors Clothing  & Apparel

– Lowe

B.E.T.T.E.R. Music Vs. Flagrant City [4.23.11]

The 1st installment of the Rumble in the LO series is set to kick off


This versus compilation between Lowe’s Flagrant City and B.E.T.T.E.R. Music Movement’s Mario Johnson showcases the best of the best in Buffalo, NY. The BETTER Music side will feature 18 tracks, hand selected by Mario, as the Flagrant City follow up has 15 songs chosen by Lowe.

Who will come out on top? Find out on the 23rd of April [3 days after Illicit Activities 2 drops]…

Digital download will be available here. Hard copies will be available as well.

Hit us up on twidda: @Lowezilla @MarioJohnson

– Lowe

D Dash Ez – The Eazzy Way Out

Buff City’s own D Dash Ez is finally ready to shake the streets up with his release of his debut album The Eazzy Way Out. After having a commendable past year traveling for shows, tearing down showcases and parties here at home, as well as sitting behind the boards and producing countless masterpieces, Ez is giving us the goods.

Available 4.1.11


***Invite Only Listening Session at on 3.30.11***

Where: Buffalo Live

Time: 7-10pm

Tickets are available

Contact: @DDashEZ

– Lowe