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Summer Haze Vol.1 – Red Cup Season [Mixtape]

1st installment in the Flagrant City Summer Haze series kicks off with the Red Cup Season for all things Memorial Day Weekend. Pour you up some sin && pop this mixtape in. Cheers to Summer 2011.

me and my white girls getting faded && x-rated last summer. perfection. click below for track listing and download links.

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Big KRIT x Smoke DZA x Freddie Gibbs: [Return of 4Eva Tour] Buffalo, NY 4.12.11

@BigKRIT @FreddieGibbs @SmokeDZA @JackieChain74 @Mookie_Jones ripped the stage at Club Infinity last night in Buffalo, NY.

But before these cats went on, a couple local players & unsigned hypes ripped the stage too. My nigga Lucky Seven of Howhood University did a player ass set with fellow group mate Drew Poz from Philly.

left to right: Drew Poz, Lucky Seven

The U (I call them cuz of their Wu-Tang remeniscent mob style) worked their magic getting the audience hype by feeding them dope beats,  laced with hard lines, while Shine of Shine MGMT kept the free shit (t-shirts, pins, water, etc) flying in the crowd, ya can’t go wrong. How. HOOD.

Don’t be fooled. Just cuz you only see the two, does NOT mean there aren’t more. The Howhood crew is thick. And there are plenty more you’ll get acquainted with in due time.

Keep up with their lastest at www.howhooduniversity.bandcamp.com with new mixtapes dropping every Monday!

After Howhood’s performance, there was another local act, then a pleasant surprise walked on stage with an intro to the ‘Rollin’ beat. Jackie Chain was listed as a special guest. And boy was he. Rockin a couple tracks off his and Shamrock’s Interstate Trafficking and a few floating singles he kept it cool and rocked out even though a lot of cats had no clue who he was. After his last song he told niggas to meet him at the bar for a brew, and I took him up on that offer. The coolest.

After Jackie, Mookie Jones hit the stage. Now I heard this song “Keep It Playa” but not through a strictly-Mookie project. I downloaded L.E.$.’s Beautiful Struggle last fall, and this joint was on there. Now I’m nodding my head like how and why do I know this song, but not this guy’s face or name?? Get home, check the iTunes. And there’s the proof. Dope shit. Mookie put on a classy set. and let us all know what AUTOOOO really means. ILL.

Smoke DZA stomped on the stage following Mookie’s player set. Set us up with some heat of Substance Abuse – the classic Marley && Me, amongst a few other bangers.

Freddie Gibbs hit the stage and made sure we knew he was not down with the pigs. “FUCK THE POLICE” was a major hit with the crowd as he’d toss it in between performing songs. He even at one point had boys screaming CTE. Gutter. Love It.

And to add sweet icing to my premature birthday cake, Big KRIT took the stage and made the already perfect night all the more worth the while. Taking us on a musical journey from some throwback KRIT off K.R.I.T. Wuz Here “I Just Touched Down,” ” and “Hometown Hero,” to some bangers of his most recent mixtape Return of 4eva, “My Sub,” “Moon & Stars” &&  “Time Machine.”

Big KRIT is such a sweetheart. He headed out so fast after performing. I ran after him and caught up to him just as they were about to close the door to his van. KRIT got all the way out the van to give me a hug & take a flick with a G. Told him I wished he would have did my favorite song “Like Rhonda” cuz that’s my name. He said to me that’s his mother’s name. Made me feel all the more connected to him. 

Loved him since last April when I first heard him, but I fell IN love with KRIT on this evening tho.  My camera died at the most inopportune time, but the overall experience of the night set a lot more in my sights than the photo that got lost due to some dead camera batteries.

Shouts to KRIT, Smoke DZA and Freddie Gibbs for rockin the socks off Buffalo. And even a special shout to Mookie Jones and Jackie Chain for showin they asses too.

Thanks to these gentlemen for an awesome kick off to a spoiled brat’s birthday.

Fearless Flagrancy.

– Lowe