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J.Nolan – Chaos Theory VLOG #1 [Video]

J.Nolan speaks to us about the process it took to create his upcoming project “Chaos Theory,” along with a tentative release date (8/16/2011). The first official single, titled “More to Come” will be out within the next couple weeks. peep game.

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J.Nolan – Cosmic Cruise [Leak]

J.Nolan just released a new promotional single, entitled “Cosmic Cruise” (produced by One Love Beats). It’s the 2nd song from his #ArtOFaNolan series, a collection of new content created to increase awareness about who he is as an artist along with his forthcoming project, Chaos Theory.

DOWNLOAD: J.Nolan – Cosmic Cruise 

“Cosmic Cruise” is available for sale at http://jnolaniscool.bandcamp.com for anyone that might be interested in purchasing the single. It’s a “set your own price” download starting at $1 and all funds will be accepted as a donation.