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20 Femme Rap/ Hip Hop artists You Need to be Listening to

Spring 2018 has already blessed us with new releases from Cardi B to Nicki Minaj to our beloved Janelle Monàe who are some of the biggest female rap artists/ lyricists in the Hip Hop game currently. Beyond the debate who is more talented amoung them, the Real question is what other femmes are out killing it in this genre? And as Scandals pop up each day, I have gotten tired of  trying to figure out if its still okay to listen to your problematic fave, so I ‘ve composed a list of some talented femme MCs out that are perfect for your spring to summer playlist!

Nitty Scott

New York City native, Nitty Scott is an Afro – Latina rapper / poet that infuses her cultural identity in the sound of her music. She uses her lyrics to promote femme empowerment using a fun sound you can’t help but move to. Listen Here!

Princess Nokia

Afro Latina rapper Princess Nokia has an underground cult following of her unique style that incorportates alternative music scene with hip hop. In her music she tells the stories of her youth and praises black women across the diaspora with catchy hooks. Give her latest EP a listen !

Cam & China

Cam & China are a black american femme duo that make what can best be described as femme trap. These two spit rhymes that validate black femmes and we can relate to that while incorporating the sounds we have all grown to love in trap. Give them a listen Here!


Another New York City native on the list!  This sex positive femme raps about femme empowerment and self love for black women in lyrics that are as smooth as the beats she gives us to bounce our asses to. Listen to her latest single Trader Joe!


BbyMutha is a Mother of four that does not let that piece of her idenity police her content of her artistry. She puts her experinces as a baby mother in her music that vaildates so many women like herself (myself included!) Don’t let that fool you though! She does not shy away from  speaking on  her sexuality explicitly  in her lyricism. Give her a Listen !


Mother and Tornoto native mixes Grunge sounds into her own style of reggeaton / hip hop. Her lyrical content reflect her experiences of being a black femme in the Black Diaspora and her feels that move her into her activism. Listen to her latest single Flirt!


DonMonique has already began to expand beyond her base and brand as a black fem trap rapper. With popular hits like “Pilates” and “Drown” DonMonique is the music will make you feel an even badder b*tch. Listen to her latest single 30 Block!


Alabama native based out of Buffalo, NY Hop Hop uses classic Hip Hop flows for her new wave sound. Her music range from fun storytelling to addressing topics of racial tension, politics, and femme empowerment. Check out her latest single Scratch!


This LA based raper puts the rawness of queerness into music by addressing sexuality and gender with iRawniQ unique sound of electro- Hip Hop. Listen Here!


Chi town native, Noname has gotten her acclaim in the local scene in beyond for her melodic voice and flow. Noname gives the perfect narrative for the bittersweet black experiences and the feels encompassing this, Give her listen Here!


Chicago native Dreezy has been holding down the hip hop scene with her confidence that drips all through her music. Her east coast flow and lyrics with some of the most enjoyable punchlines make for a great listen. Listen to Here!

Rico Nasty

D.C native Rico Nasty is a High energy freestyle/ rapper that has dubbed her own sound as sugar trap. In her music she incorporates her bold persona with 90’s pop culture and unapologetic blackness. Listen to her latest single Hit That !

Big Freedia

Although she is not new, I had to do an honoray mention to this Queen. Big Freedia reps New Orlean’s Bounce Music scene, a sub-genre composed of queer black folks that were not accepted into the Hip Hop community because of their idenity. Bounce fuses traditional rap with adlibs and House music to create this iconic sound that has made brief appearences in mainstream music (Beyonce Formation & Drake’s Nice for what ).Listen to her latest single Rent !

Kari Faux

“The hottest thing out of Little Rock” LA based rapper Kari Faux’s sweet voice over R&b and 90’s inspired beats is a vibe of its own. Her relatable lyrics about dating and millienial life will make you laugh and her music enjoyable, Listen Here.

Angel Haze

New York rapper Angel Haze uses her poetic experience in her music with her lyrics that encourage femme unity / empowerment with a rawness that will leave you reeling. Listen to her Here !

Audra the rapper

Self described as soulful ratchet uses electro sounds and hip hop beats in her high energy sound. Listen to her Here!


Known by most for vuglarity, CupcakKe is a dymanic MC from Chi town that has made her rise to fame by her unapologetic reclaiming black sexuality. With hits like “Deep Throat” to  “Pedophile” CupcakKe uses her platform to normalize sexual positive for femmes while also highlight the sexual voilence in our communities. Listen to her latest single Quiz!


This femme leaves much of herself to her listeners imagination , Leikeli47 use fun hooks and lyrics over different sounds that are great to hype yourself up with. Listen to her Music here!

Dai Burger

Another great turn up artists uses R&B/ pop music sounds into her music with lyrics that highlight femme experiences in high energy fun delivery. Listen Here!


Unapologetic femme rapper spits lyrics about being open sexually and being proud of her identity in her music that is also great to pregame and turn up to. Listen Here !

@highendjunkie x Lit Pit Presents The SUPER FUN Day! – Chicago [MAR 5] @lucidrebellion

Come out this Sunday, March 5th, 2017 and get super lit with High End Junkie and the Lit Pit!!! Lucid Rebellion will be in attendance with some dope accessories for the ladies and fellas!


PJ – This Is What It Looks Like [Video]


Having a rough week? Maybe even a rough month? PJ’s recent release This Is What It Looks Like is what you need to power through. Soulful vocals coupled with visuals reminiscent of Carrie Mae Weems’s Kitchen Table Series serve as a powerful reminder that though we all must face obstacles in life, we still find a way to persevere. Even more so, we’re stronger, kinder, and wiser because of it. A gentle prompt that we are the masters of our future, even when it seems we have lost control.

Check out the powerful video here.

Follow PJ on IG and subscribe to her YouTube channel for more sounds to make your day.

Fernandough the Poet – Patrick Kane (88) (prod. by Th33vilg3nius x Blacktophero) [SINGLE]


SevenOneSixMG front man, Fernandough the Poet, unleashes a new gem, just in time for the final few weeks of summer.  This first single is named after our Buffalo, NY hometown hero Patrick Kane of the Chicago Blackhawks.   This cut is off the upcoming project Wise Words, Fortunate Poet, which follows up last fall’s classic In My 96 Infiniti.

Nick And Navi (formerly Perfect Harmony) – Dance Tonight [VIDEO]

Released in July of this year, this sizzling dance track from the twin tandem, Perfect Harmony, consisting of sisters Nickema and Kareema, “Dance Tonight” gives a sultry island feel, fused with a dash of pop!  Check out this oldie, but GOODIE below!


We’ll be keeping up with Perfect Harmony from now on, tweet them at: @Perfectharmony2 and tell them what you think!

Also, visit:  foreverph2.com for more from the girls!

Lucid Rebellion presents Pray For Reign – Drop 1 [10.18.13]

New fashion alert!!!! My home girl Shpree Gray of the Chi-Town is releasing a new line of wrist-wear, or as I like to say, “wrist-gear” which will be available EXCLUSIVELY at her LR webstore for Lucid Rebellion on tomorrow, October 18th, 2013.



 According to Shpree, “this release both campaigns and represents the importance of accessories with every outfit along with my love & pride for accessories. This is a movement that has undergone countless weeks of preparation;  I needed to come correct with the right tones and stones that will compliment every style imaginable. *’Pray For Reign* Drop 1 is for everyone that may have strayed from the abundance of style once possessed with just the drapings of the wrist with the staple colors that everyone loves.”


Every single piece is hand-crafted by Shpree herself, on the southside of Chicago, with every ounce and fiber of her being. She uses precious gemstones and charms to create unique, customized, and eye-appealing pieces.  Also, Ishe understands  the importance of comfort; “every piece will stretch for maximum wrist wear comfort,” she says.image

General sizes will be available in S/M(6.5-7in) – M/L(7-7.5in) (bigger sizes upon request. Everyone will get fly). Every piece is original and limited to insure your unique taste. The amount of styles offered per piece will lead to dozens of combinations, bringing the fun in your fashions. Visit the shop here: www.lucidrebellion.com and tell her Lowe sent ya.

Fortunate Ones – TODAY [VIDEO]

I respect these guys so much for even thinking to do something like this for people who need it most.  With the continuous troubling times occurring in Chicago’s West & South Side, the gentlemen of FO decided between themselves to make a song specifically for iTunes and donate all of it’s proceeds to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago, in the most affected areas.



iTunes Purchase Link
(All proceeds will be donated)