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Flagrant City Named #1 Under The Radar Blog on Buffalo.com [Article]

Screen captured by my fellow Buffalo homie Therron, better known as Clyde Strokes, out here in Cali. Buffalo.com shows Flagrant City and four other local bloggers some love and let people know to check for us. Nice to be recognized, hard work pays off. But real Gs move in silence, we coming for niggas necks.

Peep the original article HERE.

Once again to the folks over at Buffalo.com thank you!!!

John-O – Da Reassurance [Mixtape]

According to the man John-O  himself, the time has come to Reassure the people.

after his release  of Da Man, Da Myth, Da Freshman last fall, Jiggy John-O has been gearing up for the long haul, and the progression on this project definitely shines through. One thing he does a little different this go ’round is the feature aspect.  Last mixtape it was strictly O, but this time he reaches out to fellow Buffalonian Zuri Appleby on a track called “Damned If  I Do, Damned If I Don’t”, and even cooks up a smash with Florida boy Muzik Jones Drew on  the hook of the track entitled “Rap Massacre.”  With production ranging from Clyde Strokes, Philosophy and Muzik Jones Drew, O raises the bar a little bit higher in Buffalo hip hop.

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