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Flagrant City – The Rumble 2.o [Mixtape]

Official release date was 4/23/11. Links were live & all, just forgot to tell niggas download it due to the Next 2 Blow Showcase. Hopefully ya checked out Mario Johnson there, and ya got a hold of his version in this versus series.

DOWNLOAD: Flagrant City – The Rumble 2.o

features 716 artists from start to finish. Well Fed, Lucky Seven, Pol-B, Jay Moore, G5-Gi and more…

UPDATE: Hulkshare & Mediafire links!!!


FC Exclusive: After-Cipher Footage – D.Hill Freestyle [Video]

this nigga @DHill_WF barely says ten words when you kickin it with him. but he will tear a microphone a new asshole if you pass it to him. pause.

peep his flow after the Flagrant City x Krudmart Cipher from 11.23.10


– Lowe

Your Summer 2011 Anthem: WF x MJD = Its All Good

Well Fed’s Sheez & D. Hill team up with Muzik Jones Drew for a track guaranteed to get ladies draws soaked just in time for the summer.

Since some of you are visual learners, I’ll drive the point home by letting you check out the song via youtube, and then providing the links for download thereafter, cuz your gonna want this in your iTunes, banging in ya whip, while cuffing ya shorty…

Check the video, then click download for the mp3s. Cuz your gonna want em.

DOWNLOAD: D.Hill & Sheez – Its All Good (feat. Muzik Jones Drew) * MEDIAFIRE

Thank me later.

– Lowe

Major Players – Jay Moore, D.Hill & Sheez, Muzik Jones Drew [Mixtape]

Who are these players? And why are they major? Jay Moore and D.Hill & Sheez hail from the Forgotten City of Buffalo, NY. Their slang is so B-lo & grind undeniable. They collaborated on a track entitled “Major Players” featuring other 716ers to show that they put on in any regard for their city. And with a remix brewing in the works with Delray Beach, FL bred player Muzik Jones Drew, proves these cats are up to bat & nothing but grand slams will be hit.

This compilation introduces the gentlemen individually, taking listeners on a journey from where they started to where they are now. Songs from D.Hill & Sheez’s project Mackin’ & Hangin’ which dropped in summer 2010 are featured: “Winner,” “In The Back,”  “Like That.” While a few recent freestyles: “LiveFastDieYoung” and “The Hangover” were added for swavor, as the boys of Well Fed calls “swag and flavor.”

Jay Moore’s set leads off with a couple jams from his release last winter (3/2010) The Making of a Legend Vol1: The Emotion, all of which he produced on his own.  “Mary” and “All of Me” are the features from that project, while “Son of Jerrell,” “Ghost of Christopher Wallace” and “So Appalled” are freestyles that may or may not make the cut on the upcoming mixtape The Golden Era Revival set for release summer 2011.

Muzik Jones Drew is the honorary Buffalonian making his mark on this tape and in that city, due in part to Rhon Lowe of Flagrant City’s efforts. A self-efficient machine, who writes, raps, sings, produces and engineers, Drew came from behind his keyboard for a bit and it wasn’t to play with these minor league players.  “Been Out Chea” “Funk Rap” “Take It Back (Kick Step)” are all from his first solo album Ghetto HarmonIz’N (1/2010), while “Hey” is a unreleased track from 2008 when he was a part of the group Dirty Project, and “Cool” is off his latest mixtape Kloud Life (3/2011), a compilation with former Dirty Project member 1Hot.

The final lap of the tape showcases the sparks that fly when these players team up for a track. “It’s All Good” uses MJD’s vocals for the hook, while Sheez & Hill merk out the verses. “Twisted” is a backyard BBQ type jam over a throwback Outkast beat with Jay Moore leading off and Muzik Jones Drew rounding out the end. “Ready or Not” Jay Moore and MJD show the true meaning of being 80s babies while freestyling over the classic Fugees track. Then the inspiration for the tape “Major Players” ends it on a high note: D.Hill & Sheez let it be known that it’s W.F.O.E. (Well Fed Over Everything) while Jay Moore’s smooth lyricism reigns supreme.  These are your Major Players.


Alternative links: Mediafire * Hulkshare

– Lowe