Scolla – Soul Food (prod. Ashton Woods, Heizenburr, Scolla) [Single]

It’s been a while and it’s been a wait, so Scolla’s just bringing some good vibe sandwiches for lunch. Some Soul Food to fill you up right.  This is the first single of a series of new releases in motion from now to the end of the year. This is a record Scolla’s held hostage for almost a year and he says it finally felt right to share it with everyone.  This bouncy neo-soul/hip hop track will be on iTunes/Apple Music, Google Play & all other digital platforms very soon, within the next week.

Photo courtesy of Instagram @scolla313

Scolla played Populux Detroit last week for Goldlink’s AATWDT Tour and the energy was incredible. He closed the set with “Soul Food” and the record came full circle for him, he says.

As always, Scolla says to “Enjoy the record and thank you for riding with me on this journey.” Stream the track on soundcloud  below.


SoulFood“(Produced By Ashton Woods. Co-Produced By HeizenBURR! & Scolla)
Features Additional Vocals By Chechi Sarai
Live Guitar By Jason Vaughn


The FC: @JayePrime feat. @Scolla313 – Somebody (prod. @SirWoodren) [NEW MUSIC]

Scolla’s been back in Detroit for the past few months working on a few projects (EP, Album, VibeHaus…etc) and getting back in sync with all the amazing things going on there.  He has been working with a small handful of producers (as he usually likes to keep it) on all this new vibes.  One of them being the super talented Ashton Woods. In this short time home, Scolla has gotten the chance to spend more time around all of the artists he’s developing and frequently collaborating with and one he’s proud to say he’s been with, is the incredible Jaye Prime. 

” I was first introduced to her when I saw her perform before Detroit Che at a Richy Marciano event at Bob’s Classic Kicks. I’m not easily moved by many performers these days but I watched her turn up the energy of the room entirely as she got on the mic. I became a fan then. It was a no brainer when she asked me to be apart of a record she and Woods were building together. ” says Scolla.

Now that the backstory is out of the way he would like to give you this long, elaborate description of the song and what it represents to him but he’d rather spare you spare you that and let you just press play. 

 “Jaye Prime has something special, I was happy to be apart of it. She’s most definitely a clear leader and innovator in this prospering #NewDetroit scene. Make sure you familiarize yourself with her. Enjoy.” – Scolla

ROGER feat. Scolla – Goodlife (prod. Drum GAHD) [SINGLE]

Check out Flagrant City favorite, Scolla featured on his Rhode Island homie ROGER’s new single entitled “Goodlife.” This cut, which has a sensual, sultry, old-school vibe to it is featured on ROGER’s latest project entitled Listen To Roger. Pretty clever, I listened thanks to Scolla, now I’m a fan. Check out the cut on DJBooth down below.


Off his newly released “Listen To Roger” album

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Scolla – Peace [LEAK]

As we’re nearing closer to the completion of OG Cool (mixing stage) Scolla himself only felt right that he begin to give you us some new music more consistently. Take this as an indication of what to expect on the new album and expect many things to come in the near future.

“Please enjoy and PEACE be with you.” – Scolla

Peace Art


PREVIOUS: ROGER feat. Scolla – Goodlife (prod. Drum GAHD) [SINGLE]

ALSO: Scolla – Roots (prod. MF Doom) [LEAK]

Scolla – Roots (prod. MF Doom) [LEAK]

 Giving us a little something over one of Scolla’s favorite beats, “Arrow Root” by MF Doom, we have “Roots” to hold us over until OG Cool is here.
Roots (Prod. MFDOOM)



Scolla feat. Devin Miles – Young Til I Die [DOWNLOAD]

It has been over a year since the release of Scolla’s last full length project, Seconds Away. Since then, he’s been diligently working on his next project, OG Cool as well as on other material, but RLES comrade Devin Miles decided it was time to deliver something new for the people.


Young Til’ I Die (Prod. Big Soj) DOWNLOAD: