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Quadir Lateef feat. Drea D’Nur – Freedom Scat [VIDEO]

Check out the first visual single “Freedom Scat” off the most recent album Fool’s Gold by Quadir Lateef. This sultry song features the vocals of Buffalo songbird, and wife of Quadir, Mrs. Drea D’Nur.  Who wouldn’t be a fan of a couple that makes beautiful music together?  Enjoy the video below, and visit Q’s Bandcamp to pick up the album for $7, you can also preview before purchase below!




Drea D’Nur – Stay Alive [LIVE]

New song by Drea D’Nur, where she beautifully writes, plays and performs an impromptu song at her home with just Garageband, a Yamaha P95, and herself. Inspirational encouragement, thank you Drea.


Drea D’Nur – Black Man [VIDEO]

A truly inspirational song, and even more complimentary visual by Buffalo songstress, Drea d’Nur.  “Black Man” definitely speaks empowerment into the lives of many black men who may have been lost. Visuals shot and edited in the Queen City by DJ Gus and NY Complete ENT. Enjoy.




MTV UK’s Wrap Up & Watch Out: Quadir Lateef [INTERVIEW]

MTV UK sits down with Buffalo native, Quadir Lateef, a conscious, independent artist with an intense hunger, and thirst for knowledge.  They cover collaborations, politics, his better half Drea D’Nur and her projects, Quadir’s recently released album Rebel Forces, and more. Check out the interview below.

Rapper Quadir Lateef is a refreshing addition to the rap scene, with his eye-opening poetry slowly changing the mentality of must-have materialism within hip-hop culture. After much demand from the underground scene, the ‘anti-industry’ artist has now unleashed his sophomore album ‘Rebel Forces’ to the world. The Wrap Up’s Ra’ed Poetical spoke to Q about his collaboration with Brother Ali, his opinions on mainsteam hip-hop, recording with his family and more…

The Wrap Up: As a relatively new artist on the hip-hop scene, how would you say your new album differs from others?

Quadir Lateef: With ‘Rebel Forces’ I wanted to capture the essential feeling of hip-hop in the early 90’s without copying flows and styles. I teamed up with a really dope producer called Covert. Covert is a real hip-hop head, but he does not use average samples – originality is the key word for this album. It’s old-school yet futuristic and doesn’t follow the average song scheme – I’m kind of ‘anti-industry’ [laughs].

TWU: What was the thought process behind the making of your new album?

Quadir Lateef: My thought process was ‘KILL ‘EM WITH THE FLOW!’ I wanted to make an album that will make people say ‘yo, did you hear what he said?’ [Laughs]

To view the full length interview head over to: www.mtv.co.uk


Drea d’Nur Private Listening Party/Concert [VIDEO]

Congratulations to Drea d’Nur for reaching her goal of $4000 for her debut album with Akua Naru!!! Here is some footage from a private listening Party for Drea d’Nur presented by Lucid Pathways, LLC with sponsors, Triumph Consulting, LLC, Wednesday’s Cake Designs, Cassandra Michelle, Stacey Bowers, August Pride, LLC and Sheila Hairston-Roach.

Accompanying the beautiful songstress/keyboardist was Venzella Joy (Drums), Michael DiSanto (Guitar) and my homegirl Zuri Elise Appleby (Bass).

Filmed/edtied by Edreys Wajed.

PREVIOUS: Akua Naru Teams Up With Drea d’Nur To Finish Drea’s Debut Album [Video]

Akua Naru Teams Up With Drea d’Nur To Finish Drea’s Debut Album [Video]

 Their Story:

Akua Naru:

In February, it was an honor to have Drea come and rock with us on the album. Songs like “Walking The Block” would not have been as chilling and emotional without her beautiful piano lines and tear jerking vocal performance.  I have never worked with an artist more soulful and professional. People kept asking me when we will collaborate and make more music, and that’s where the idea for this project was born.

Drea D’Nur:

I was so honored to be able to not only go to Germany but to work with Akua. When she saw that i was able to come, she set up a studio session just for me to record my own songs, and two photo sessions. In just one day, with no rehearsals, i was able to teach her band, DIGFLO, a few original songs and we recorded them. We also learned and came up with music for a song that Akua wrote. After listening back, I realized that Akua had assisted me in the commencement of my own project. She had kind things to say about my voice. But her providing this opportunity for me said that she was more than a fan. She was a believer in my music, as I am in hers.

Akua Naru:

Since I had already had experience with co-executive producing my album “…The Journey Aflame” and more recently the soon to be released “Live & Aflame Sessions”. Drea and I had began discussing ways where we could connect and create  more music. Drea & I decided to work together to produce Drea D’Nur’s very first album, supported by live musicians here in Cologne, Germany. I am so excited to be apart of this process. The responses that we received from the okayplayer release of “Walking The Block” shows that people are ready to here socially conscious music created by female artists. I am honored to support Drea D’Nur’s desire to do just that.

Drea D’Nur:

It makes sense to finish what I started in Germany. With a fullband ready to work,  professional studio, and another producer to collab with, the finishing and releasing of my album is doable and reachable.


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