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Around BuffaLowe: The Spot Light Series at The Vault – Buffalo [5.18.13]

AsvpXneph hosts The Spot Light Series this Saturday, May 18, 2013, at The Vault in Downtown Buffalo.

Admission is $7, performances by Buffalo artists, including a few Flagrant City favorites: Dr. Ooo, Go Gev, Koolie High, Well Fed, F1rst Class and more!

Further details provided below.


The Administration presents Pusha T at the Main Street Armory – Rochester, NY [11.30.12]

Sponsored event by Buffalo clothing line Stacks and Kicks, (under Shine Management) presented by The Administration will be held at the Main Street Armory in Rochester, NY in late November. Check out the information below. Stay tuned for exclusive offers, and information!

Special guest appearances by Ro Cook, F1rst Class, Roc Boyz Ent and Koolie High.

Special guest DJs: Absolut, Gus, and Big Reg.