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Video Blog Servicing by Grand Phee of We Stole The Show

listen the fuck up. Artists serious about their craft, and willing to put up some loot to make moves, check out this opportunity.

my boy Grand Phee of We Stole The Show is offering a dope deal for videos to get exposure across the US and Canada.

Grand Phee will push your video to over 100+ blogs over the course of one month. TO START all you need is $250, photos, bio and a link to your video(s).


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Oldies But Goodies: Rhyson & The Heist [Mixtape]

more throwback Rhys & Phee of We Stole The Show… 

DOWNLOAD: Rhyson & The Heist (Hosted by Grand Phee)

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Oldies But Goodies: We Stole The Show [Mixtape]

with the loss of my old domain flagrantcity.com [which is currently in domain purgatory] alot of archived goodies are afloat in internet hell. until I beat the evil Koopa and retrieve the Princess… ADD kickin in. anyways check out this heat from my niggas Rhyson Hall & Grand Phee of We Stole The Show.