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MSN Does It’s Laundry With NYC Artist T.Shirt [Interview]

He just dropped an album. He uses vulgarity. He’s a New Yorker. I already knew this. And after reading this interview with MSN, I learned far more. T.Shirt sits down with Kathy Iandoli for an in-depth look at the Southside Phantom” (which is probably my favorite T.Shirt track to date).

Link: T.Shirt Interview with MSN

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T.Shirt – Angst [Video]

Shirt is back (well from the last post I did on him back in July 2010 about a song entitled “Golden Sound,” I’ve gotta do better as far as keeping up with this guy), with a tight video that centers around the feeling of “ANGST,” which the song is so aptly titled.

“I curse cuz I’m cursed, and this life is the worst/ I be cursin’ like a sailor, cursing like a sailor”


New full-length album,The Fuck, of all original music coming soon.


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