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Lil B – Ho Stop Playin’ [Video]

Always been a Lil B fan since The Pack days, but my nigga Kenzo loves this weirdo more than I, so I had to post it for Flagrant City Friday. I cannot deny this tight ass West Coast vibe on this track so Lil B made the site. And DJ Tiger said it best “Lil B is the closest thing this generation has to ODB.” Let the church say AMEN.

I’d Like To Say Its Been A Pleasure… [Photos]

In my short  FC career I’ve been privileged to meet alot of artists before they blew up. Even prior to me starting FC I’ve had my share of run ins with dope artists here and there…

Me & Wiz. Syracuse. April 2010

Mibbs. Nilla. Me. Like. Be Young. [PacDiv]. Pittsburgh. Sept 2010

Me. French Montana. Buffalo. Oct 2010

Pre-FCs [Before 09]

Me. Lil B. Buffalo. 2007

Tyga. Me. Buffalo. 2007


got more in the arsenal, and there will be plenty more to come. just highlighting a few of my favs.

Let them hate, so long as they fear.

Fearless Flagrancy.

– Lowe