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Fortunate Ones – LIFELINES [Album]

Finally here, the new gem that is F.O. LIFELINES.

I’m not sure if Genetics and Serge genuinely took my comment to heart about how awesome G’s production on “Nothing New” was when I said I’d love to have the instrumental in my iTunes, not to slight the stellar lyrics. I was simply just so impressed with the flip of that Fugee beat that I’d love to hear it with and without lyrics. Either way no love lost.

-Tracklisting and download links below-

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Phreshy Duzit – That Loud [Video]

I wish Mack would have shot me this hot shit earlier, so it could have made an appearance on IA3 dropping on the 20th, but better late than never.  Maybe I can swindle Tiger into adding it last minute. This video is from Brooklyn native, Phreshy Duzit off his LP Brave New World released back in late November.

DOWNLOAD: That Loud by Phreshy Duzit

When Muse Descends: Fundraiser Blowout performances by We Stole The Show & more – NYC [4.7.12]

My boys Rhys & Phee (We Stole The Show) will be performing here on April 7th, amongst a host of other fine acts… Video below shows Phee showcasing his affinity for the aereola via an impromtu freestyle.  God I love this dude.

If ya in the NYC area, its def worth a stroll thru. Tell em Lowe sent cha.

Fortunate Ones – Fear Killers [Video]

4th video in the visual series Fortunate Ones are working on. This joint was shot in Los Angeles, in late January & early February and is entitled “Fear Killers,” off the LIFELINES project dropping sooner than later..

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Big Skilly Films presents “The Mission” (prod. Mec-One Productions) [Video]

I don’t mind a tough-talkin’, foul-mouthed yellow boy… Big Skilly directs this video, starring this guy who’s name I am unsure of based on the content of the email, though he may need to clean his mouth up with Orbit gum, this track goes pretty hard, so all is forgiven. Check out the visuals below.

Fortunate Ones – FOrever [Video]

I lose internet connection for 36 hours and I miss this blind fury that is F.O. Tight concept for their second video single “FOrever,”  beautifully executed video by director Anthony Scott DePerto. Catch this mobbin ass track on the duo’s soon to be released project LIFELINES. With this follow up after “Nothing New” I’m more than looking forward to the creative production and lyrical domination these two will deliver. Peep game.

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