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Kenzo Knows: Fuzz Rico – 1-800-TRAP [VIDEO]

Happy birthday to our vintage Flagrant Famlay, Fuzz Rico!  While I was back home in Buffalo, NY for the holidays, I got to catch up and talk business with my partner Kenzo (@geist_mode) and he put me back on to our young potna Fuzz Rico who hails from Patterson, NJ where rapper Fetty Wap also calls home.


Last I saw from Fuzz, she was a young teen on Twitter in ’09 with crazy flows, who has since polished her skills & made a name for herself as a dope female MC in this male-dominated market. She also made a cameo appearance in one of Fetty’s top hits from last summer “679” featuring the Remy Boyz.

Check out the latest single from Fuzz Rico  entitled “1-800-TRAP” (no Drake Reference) below and be sure to keep up with her on social media @FuzzzRico on Instagram & Twitter, we’ll have more content from her coming soon! TRAP!

Stream on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/fuzzrico/1800trap

Flagrant City Friday: Fetty Wap Fridaze on The FC [VIDEO]


Cuz Lowe is in a Fetty gettin mood, we’re bringing you a few of her favorite cuts from New Jersey artist Fetty Wap of the Remy Boyz.  ALL FAST MONEY NO SLOW BUCKSSSSSSSSSSS!  Happy Flagrant City Friday!