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O.L.W (Ol’ Dub): B.O.O.M. Contest – Round 2 [Vote]

remember that Artvoice B.O.O.M. contest/event I put people on to back in October? The one where winner gets a cash prize of $5000 and more? yeah.  —> Artvoice Presents BOOM! [Event] well, these guys entered, the contest: O.L.W (Ol’ Dub) and are in their final round of voting to get to the next round!

 I remember Shaad put me on to these guys by way of their project Year of the Dub: A ProperAnonymous Mixtape a good while back and I was always interested on where they’d wind up. Continue reading O.L.W (Ol’ Dub): B.O.O.M. Contest – Round 2 [Vote]

#FlagrantCityFriday – Exclusive Download: +SLM. [Mixtape]

yeah. sometimes. it. be’s.this.REAL.


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