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Flagrant City Spotlight: A Conversation with Don! [Interview]

Photo by: Adrian Javon


Lowe: First off, I appreciate you taking the time to do this interview with me!  Your visual single “Ok Love” feat. Jon P is beautiful. The vibe is pure and the storyline seems so familiar.  Is it attached to an upcoming project of yours? I’ve only heard you by way of Dirty Logan artist, Dough (Dough Van Gogh). Also, what was the message you were trying to convey in this video?

Don!: It’s truly a blessing to be recognized for my art. I definitely appreciate you for taking the time out to check me out and allow me to promote myself via your platform. Thank you.

“Ok Love” was partly inspired by a friend Kay Hudgins. She embodies characteristics of a women chasing her dreams. I created the song to help motivate women of all walks of life to keep striving and keep going. Continue your pursuit no matter what. I have many friends who can relate too making big moves with little knowledge of what’s to come next. I wanted to be that “keep going” voice in my own way you know. I linked up with Joe P. (Guitarist) who provided the strings and KZA K’ Lee (Producer) who engineered the vision. Together we created a vibe.

The video was inspired by the show “You”. Less stalkerish more admiration. It gives that feel that I see you winning just being awesome and I desire to be close to that type of energy and vibe. It was filmed in Dumbo, Brooklyn. The creative direction of Kay Hudgins and Directed by Mal_2da brought the video to life.

It will be featured on an upcoming  collaboration project featuring myself and Joe P. Produced by KZA!

Watch the video below:

Lowe: If people don’t already know you from singing fly hooks for Dirty Logan’s frontman, Dough Van Gogh, how would you describe yourself and your music style?

Don! & Dough Van Gogh in Washington DC at Rosebar DC for Broccoli Fest

Don!: That’s my Dawg (Dough)! Situations EP featuring myself & Dough and Player Made Vol. 1 featuring myself, Needo Stakkz & Dough is also out now. Check that out!

Situations EP – Dough Van Gogh & Don! Orig. release March 2019
Player Made Vol. 1 – Dough Van Gogh, Don!, Needo Stakkz Orig. release July 2018

Don!: As far as my music I would describe myself as a vibe dealer. By that I mean I create soley off of my vibe in any particular situation. I express myself through melodies. I have a chill cool feel too my music with a background in rap and poetry so it’s easier too construct verses and hooks with clever word play. A lot of times I freestyle it just feels right you know, it’s like the words just come to me and I can’t hear it any other way.

Lowe: When did you first get started singing or when did you actually start taking it serious?

Don!: I’ve been making music here and there for some time now. Dating back to middle school/high school. From a myspace hit (locally), to random songs created in dorm room closets, traphouse studios,  or via bandlab on my phone, I’ve always been into music. I would say a rack of people including My mom, sister, Big Homie Ty, Black, Dough, Kenzo, Needo, Fitts, J Dub, Joe P., anybody I ever had a freestyle session with and Big Ups to KZA, all pushed me to really just stop playing and get more aggressive with the moves.

After hitting the studio to record Player Made Vol 1., I knew the time was now. So I locked in and really worked to define my sound and now I feel I’m at the point where I can just create and push.

Photo by: Adrian Javon

Lowe: I feel that. Who inspired/inspires your art?

Don!: People, society, vibes, moods, anything really. I love just people watching. Everyone has a story. The awesome part of creating is you creative based off of perception. I’m not biased or one sided so when I create I look at all perspectives involved in what I find interesting. For example if I write about flowers I have to talk about the soil, the sun, the weeds everything that makes the flower whole. Paint a picture. Like Dough said ” I spit an image to the bald head” creating a vivid detail of a vibe.

Lowe: What’s next on the agenda for Don!?

Don!: What’s next for me, a lot to say the least. Collaboration projects, shows outta town, more interviews, more artistic energy. I have a lot planned. Right now I’m focused on solidifying myself as a brand. Finishing up “Vibe Dealer” my debut solo EP which drops later this year, hopefully sometime in September.

My new single “Melanin Wonder” is from the upcoming album an drops this month. It’s an, acoustic based collaboration album with Joe P.

Upcoming album Melanin Wonders featuring Joe P.

Just heavy promo real heavy. Like after the club handing out flyers heavy. The biggest thing is to connect with the people on a personal level. Face to face interactions. Social media is a beautiful thing but I want to take it back to that street team type promo.

Lowe: I always say word of mouth promotion is a valuable, yet lost form of hustle. You’re definitely on the right track taking it back to the essence.

Don!: Thank you for the love you’ve shown thus far. It means a lot to me. I will continue to keep the vibes going. Special shout out to all of those who believe in me. Aye Mom we on blogs now, we getting bigger! As always “You know how it go, keep it moving like jeep wranglers in the snow you dig me!”

We dig it Don. We dig it.

Be sure to keep up with Don on Instagram by following him at @taylorport_papi!

Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad – In These Times [ALBUM]

Stream the album that I saw performed live in Buffalo, NY that made me an instant fan of GPGDS.  In These Times was released in April of 2012.




Loweso Says: FC Exclusive with Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad [INTERVIEW]

I had the pleasure of interviewing guitarist/vocalist Dan Keller, of the national recording band Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad,  a few days after their show in Buffalo, NY on December 22nd, 2012 at the Tralf downtown.

Dan and I covered past GPGDS accomplishments, future conquests, and how the band fought the good fight for support in their local region. Special thanks to Curt of HerbivorePR for coordinating the interview. Check out the exclusive dialogue below.


Lowe: First things first, I have to ask, where and how did you guys get your name?  Is there any special meaning behind it, or was it just a random group consensus? (Laughs)

Dan Keller (GPGDS): Well, once we realized that “Barenaked Ladies” was already taken, we each discovered very distinctive birthmarks on our bodies that we had never seen before. Individually, those birthmarks made up G.P.G.D.S. The rest is a mystery to us all.

Lowe: So, I understand you guys are from Rochester, NY; relatively close to Buffalo.  How did my hometown treat you on December 22, 2012 at the Tralf?

Dan Keller (GPGDS): Most of the band are from Rochester, but I actually grew up in Buffalo. It’s always a treat to play for so many of my friends and family. Having been a part of the Buffalo music scene before moving to Rochester, I absolutely love playing in my hometown. Our last show at the Tralf couldn’t have been better! Our friends Funktional Flow brought the heat indeed, as well as our musical brother Roger Kuhn. There was certainly a special vibe in the air.

Lowe: What musical artists have influenced (past/present) the GPGDS sound?

Dan Keller (GPGDS):  Roots reggae has heavily influenced us. Artists such as Burning Spear, Bunny Wailer, Peter Tosh, and of course Bob Marley. However, there are a lot of other groups and genres that we grew up listening to that it’s a bit of a melting pot of sound.

Lowe:  My first time seeing GPGDS live was on 12.22.12, so as a new fan I’m only hip to the most recent album you guys released back in April of this year entitled In These Times.  Where would you advise new listeners to start, in regards to your discography, to become properly knowledgeable and acclimated to all things GPGDS?

Dan Keller (GPGDS):  In These Times is a good place to start. Check out the free 17 song sampler on our website- it contains tracks from all of our studio albums, some live cuts, and extras. http://giantpandadub.com

Lowe: Where is one of your favorite places to travel for performances and why?

Dan Keller (GPGDS): Colorado! Their music scene is top notch and people are just itching for live music. Not to mention, it is one of the most beautiful landscapes in the country to travel across. Our experiences in Colorado have always been incredible. Shout out to our brother Joel Scanlon!

Lowe: What’s next on the agenda for GPGDS?

Dan Keller (GPGDS): We’ve been recording in the studio and plan to release two new albums in 2013. We’re coming back to Buffalo on January 16, opening for Umphrey’s McGee at Town Ballroom.

Lowe: It’s so heartwarming and inspirational to see people from this region actually making noise and doing well in the entertainment industry as we are overlooked. Any words of wisdom for aspiring independent artists in the Western New York area?

Dan Keller (GPGDS): Never stop doing what feels right to you and always be a good person. If you’re true to your own mantra, the right opportunities will present themselves to you when you need them.

Stream In These Times for free exclusively on Flagrantcity.com.

For more from GPGDS: http://giantpandadub.com | http://Facebook.com/giantpandadub

Rhonda J. Lowe ©



DJ Mario Bee – Resident Mix Vol.1 [Mix]

Love my Buffalo hoodlums. Shouts to Toats Orig for this wild flagrant photo.

DOWNLOAD: Resident Mix Vol.1

Around BuffaLowe: Badmilk in Buffalo – Bidwell Indie 5000 [8.28.11]

Rochester natives Badmilk will be in Buffalo tomorrow, Sunday August 28th at the Bidwell Indie 5000 event kicking off at 12pm at Bidwell Park off of Elmwood Avenue in the Elmwood Village District.

Good music, good vibes, Buffalove.

check out their LP for $3 easy here —> http://badmilk.bandcamp.com/