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Fortunate Ones – 99 [Video]

Real Gs move in silence… check out this tight visual F.O. sneaks in after a mini hiatus from their last release Sleepless Nights & Numb Hearts.

Directed by: Fortunate Ones & Anthony Scott DePerto

Off of the upcoming LifeLines project which will be released at an undisclosed time.

“F.O. or FUCK OFF”

PREVIOUSLY: Fortunate Ones – The Unknown [Leak]

Fortunate Ones – The Unknown [Leak]

The gentlemen of F.O. recorded a new song in an effort to promote themselves and their previously released project “Sleepless Nights & Numb Hearts“… this song, however, is is not off any project…its Unknown.

“It basically depicts everything we are going through right now, not only as artists but also as individuals…” – Serge

this couldn’t have come at a better time for me. because this is right in line with what life seems to be for me right now as well.

The way I treat my heart is just repulsive” – Genetics.  took the words right outta my mouth.

DOWNLOAD: Fortunate Ones – The Unknown 

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Fortunate Ones – Sleepless Nights & Numb Hearts LP

I love these gentlemen. And I respect their grind wholeheartedly. Finally available for the masses is the 19 track project featuring 19 original productions with 3 featured Indie Artists. They’ve also treated this internet release as if it were physical by accompanying it with their lyrics on top of portraits for Tumblr postings. Ladies & gentlemen I present to you Sleepless Nights & Numb Hearts, LP. Enjoy.


track listing & download links down bottom. Continue reading Fortunate Ones – Sleepless Nights & Numb Hearts LP