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Gianni Lee – BLU [EP]

A familiar name, but not face to Flagrant City, is Gianni Lee, DJ and Babylon Cartel fashion designer.  Years ago we featured Gianni’s TrillWave Mixtape Series where he would release a compilation  of up and coming artists.  This recent release from Gianni is a bit more insightful and personal than the previous compilations he has worked on.

“B L U is all about my growth as a person. Growing up in West Philadelphia I had six different cats all named Blu. If one would die or runaway we would eventually get another feline and I would again name him Blu. If these cats were personified and Blu #1 wanted to know how I grew up he could only be able ask Blu #6 about my growth. These six cats existed in different stages of my life as these six tracks were influenced by different stages of my life.” – Gianni Lee

B L U is a journey through various time periods and soundscapes drawing inspiration from Club Music , House , Grime , R&B and Folk. Containing six tracks B L U is an experience from start to finish.


Stream the project below by way of Soundcloud!

My favorite tracks from the project include Yellow, Red, Blue and Black, which features the soulful sounds of Marian Mereba.

Download The Deluxe project with a special digital booklet: www.mediafire.com/download/59ernf1…Lee+-+B+L+U+.zip

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Lucille Ghatti – Loudpack Lucy (OG/Chopped & Screwed Version) [DOWNLOAD]

Something new from the California Songstress, Her music speaks for itself..I love her voice and vibe shout out to G.S for putting me on. Had to put the original version in the zip because the song is just that good. Enjoy.



DOWNLOAD: Lady Loudpack (Chopped & Screwed) by Lucille Ghatti





Babylon Cartel presents the Trillwave 1 & DEUX [Mixtapes]

More tight shit to blame on Kenzo… I’ve peeped this brand Babylon Cartel around for a good amount of time now. But from the looks of it, they’re making a lot more noise since I’ve last checked them out.  Mack put me on to this follow up compilation, which dropped a month later  from the original Trillwave mixtape in early February. Take a gander at the goodies…