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VOTE @Shine_Moolah for @106andpark #106thesearch #106nexthost #Buffalo!!!

Another Buffalo “Go Getta” is trying to nab the new position as 106 & Park Television personality Host.  Valentino Shine, Jr. who manages Howhood University artist Lucky Seven, runs Shine Management, and is in charge of marketing for an indie clothing line is looking at getting himself on the big screen.

Please do a favor, tweet the hashtag and cast your vote for Shine!!!

UB Spectrum talks to After Dark Entertainment’s Damon Bodine [Interview]

The UB Spectrum Newspaper, whom I used to write for, sat down with Buffalo’s After Dark Entertainment Talent Buyer, Damon Bodine. They also speak with Valentino Shine who also promotes for ADE and runs Shine Management.

         Thousands of people pass through Brooklyn’s Atlantic Terminal Mall every day – a crowd that includes elderly shoppers, high school gang members, and average tourists. A 28-year-old Jamestown, N.Y. native is a frequent member of this crowd.

            He looks unimpressive at first glance to the typical passerby, as his scrawny physique and focus on his laptop while he’s at the mall’s Starbucks almost perfectly fits the nerd stereotype. The heuristic is only skin-deep, however, as this Starbucks regular’s influence spans over 400 miles.

            Damon Bodine, a former UB student, thrived in UB’s wild party scene in the mid-’00s to to become one of Buffalo’s premier music promoters. Bodine became a talent buyer and concert promoter for Buffalo’s renowned promotions group, After Dark Entertainment, after years of using his love of music to become a successful promoter. But while he was at the top of his game,Bodine was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma early last year.

            The promoter had to endure a tedious treatment process. But while some would see cancer as life-altering,Bodine saw it as an important sidestep. He wasn’t about to let the disease come in the way of his lifelong dream of making it big in New York City.


Around BuffaLowe: TheBobbyEffect – Vlog: “EastCoast” [Video]

Check out West Coast biddie Bobby Effect visiting Buffalo, NY on her latest Vlog installment “EastCoast”. Bobby links up with After Dark Entertainment’s Valentino Shine for her tour around the city. Peep.