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Crown & Enkore ENT presents “OTIS” at Sinful Nightclub – Buffalo [8.10.12]

My homie OJ Barker back home in the ‘Lo is celebrating his 24th in high class.  Crown ENT and Enkore ENT come together to celebrate with an ALL-BLACK theme, which as been the trademark everytime my nigga celebrates his birthday. Whole city be out.  If I was ballin’ like Spaulding, I’d make the trip home. I owe ya some Cali green my G. Live it up O!

Vantage Vision Talks With the ‘Prince of Croon’ Michael Prince [Interview]

Buffalo’s talented songwriter/singer Michael Prince answers a few questions on the set of his latest video “I Need U.”

Michael Prince’s World Premiere for “I Need U” will be available 5/10/12 @ 7pm EXCLUSIVELY on Flagrant City!!!