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Jenesis Magazine – December Issue

Check out your soon to be new favorite artist, along with your new favorite online publication all in one shot. Jenesis Magazine caters to the masses.

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In this month’s feature get your fix for tips on holiday dating, a few mixtape downloads, interview with up-and-coming hip hop MC Neako, an awesome Wiz Khalifa spread and a few other tasty treats.

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Wiz Khalifa – Deal Or No Deal [Album]

If you are just now jumping on the Wiz bandwagon, or still have NO idea who this flyy cat is, I’d suggest you take a gander at this in-the-skyy-guy. Wiz Khalifa hails from Pittsburgh, PA and has been actively blazing a trail on his quest to write his “Name on a Cloud” by blowing up the mixtape market with no holds “B.A.R.red.”

Finally about to break onto the mainstream stage with a highly anticipated album entitled, Deal or No Deal dropping in stores November 24th 2009, Wiz speaks with Fab 5 Ent about his upcoming releases, past music, music colleagues and more…

The first time I ever heard a song by Wizzle was on Buffalo’s local radio station 93.7 WBLK, in late 2007, d

uring the “In The Mix” segment from 9 to 10p where they do a powerhour of just full on music, commercial free. The tune sampled a 1999 techno club banger by Alice Deejay entitled “Better Off Alone,” and from the moment I heard him spitting over the sampled track I knew whoever this kid is he’s something dope.

The song, which I found out later to be “Say Yeah” was on and they only let about 1 minute of the song play, I hurried and jotted down whatever lyrics I could make out on my cell phone and went home to google the song. To no avail I could not find any lyric search engine site with the song and I had to do a lot of grunt work to find WHO made this track, and yet alone the name of the song. Finally found the lyrics, which led to the name

, and the song title. And the part of trying to find the mp3 file, was a task in itself. Limewire didn’t help and neither did any other file sharing program.

Finally resorting to the dreaded iTunes, there it was for a 99 cent download Wiz Khalifa – “Say Yeah”. That moment changed my life. ahhhhhhh good muzik is back. *sighs*

Deal or No Deal]
Ink My Whole Body [off of Star Power Mixtape]

Youngin On His Grind [off Show and Prove]

Some of my own personal favorite Wiz tracks include (but are definitely not limited to):

Favorite Show [feat. Boogz Boogetz]
This Plane [1st single off new album Deal or No Deal]
Buss Down [off of Prince of the City 2 Mixtape]
Got What You Need [feat. Lavish – also off Prince of the City 2]

For more info on Wiz Khalifa check out his Twitter page @RealWizKhalifa, YouTube Broadcast TaylorGangEnt